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Shinjurou Yuuki: The Last Great Detective...or the "Defeated Detective", depending on who you ask. With a love of mysteries and a knack for solving them, the young man's prodigious talents have made him the target of some less than savory people in a near future Tokyo. What's worse, his fellow policemen are not even on his side! With only his quirky assistant Inga, Yuuki must evade friend and foe alike in order to finally prove that he's the best in UN-GO!

Drama Mystery Sci-Fi Supernatural

Episodes (11)

Episode 1: Murder at the Ball

Let's dance!  Murder most foul is committed at a ballroom even Yuki is attending, and it's up to him and his quirky assistant to solve the case!

Episode 2: Pitiless Song

Wealthy woman Hisako Osada is found dead, stuffed in a briefcase and delivered to her home.  With her lover the police's likely suspect, her daughter Ai calls Yuuki for help.  Who could have commited this grisly murder, and what can Yuuki do to stop them?

Episode 3: Masked Mansion

Rie calls on Yuuki and Inga on behalf of Mitsuko Sasa, who's adopted brother died tragically in a fire.  With Mitsuko's father dying in the same way, Yuuki can't help but wonder how they deaths are related and if there really is a curse on the family.

Episode 4: House Unmasked

The secret is out, and Kazamori has been revealed as te program RAI, the last of it's kind.  With the death of the fake Kazamori presumably at the hands of RAI, Shinjuurou and Inga must find a way to keep it out of the wrong hands.

Episode 5: The Phantom Statue

The unveiling of a statue commemorating the noble sacrifice of three youths is murder.  The bodies of two people hired to unveil a purported scam are found inside the statue, and Shinjuurou must find the culprit.

Episode 6: The Code Too Simple

An inmate's old manuscript is given to Shinjuurou by Yajima, an old friend of Rinroku.  When Yajima's wife's fingerprints are revealed on the paper, Yuuki starts begins to wonder just why he was given the manuscript, and what Yajima is planning...

Episode 7: Daydream

While speaking to the prisoner who originally wrote the old manuscript, Yuuki gets swept away by a strange being, into a dream where he becomes trapped. While in this state, he gets a nagging feeling that there's a mystery to solve within the dream.

Episode 8: King of Paradise

Rie and Izumi are unwittingly thrown into the novelist's spell and become trapped alongside Shinjurou while trying to rescue.  With Inga the only person not spellbound, things look bleak for the Defeated Detective.

Episode 9: Kaishou Rinroku's Crime

With the disappearance of Bettenou, a group of hackers known as the Full Circle begins spreading false rumors of Rinroku's company and lifestyle.  While appearing on TV to deny the rumors, an explosion is heard...

Episode 10: Kaishou Rinroku's Funeral

While Rinroku is interviewed live on TV, Shinjuro reveals the second Rinroku that appeared at Rie's house.  Inga is called up as a witness in the meantime.  What will she say, and how will it change the game?

Episode 11: I'm Just Searching

An invitation from Rinroku?  Something isn't right.  As they come together, a table is presented to them, full of deadly weapons.  Just what is going on?  Get ready for the final reveal in UN-GO!


Episode 12 (2 min)


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