TV 14 (D, S) - TV Series
Trinity Seven

Arata Kasuga’s life falls apart as a bizarre incident causes worldwide destruction and takes his cousin, Hijiri Kasuga, to another world. To resolve this phenomenon and bring back Hijiri, Arata enrolls in the Royal Biblia Academy. Waiting in the school are seven beautiful female magic users, the Trinity Seven.

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Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Administer and Third Selection

Episode 2: Prison Lock and Grimoire Security

Episode 3: Magus and Alchemist

Episode 4: Labyrinth and Magic Gunner

Episode 5: Dream World and Sub-Administer

Episode 6: Dark Mage and Big Event

Episode 7: Lost Technica and Problem Solving

Episode 8: Study and Holiday

Episode 9: Bible Battle and Sweet Memory

Episode 10: Game Master and Satan Slave

Episode 11: Fianna Knights and Sisters

Episode 12: Criminal Girl and His World