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No man, not even a superhuman, can stand alone against a faceless adversary. In futuristic Tokyo, a new breed of humans, known as Attractors, awaken to find themselves prey to Custos, a sinister organization of cyborgs. However, strength lies in numbers and hope for survival grows from the emergence of a leader: Quon, an idealistic youth with the power to heal. Along with the speed demon Yuri, psi-voiced Kiri, telepath Tei and teleporter Takao, the Attractors only chance to survive is to unite and fight back - HARD. The best names in epic, superhero sci-fi anime come together to produce a new kind of legend: TOWANOQUON!

Action Sci-Fi Supernatural

The Ephemeral Petal

In a futuristic Tokyo, humans who have awakened distinct powers are being hunted by a secret organization named Kestos. Denominated as Attracters, these exceptional individuals are joining forces to defend themselves. They are led by an idealist named Quon who is determined to save all Attracters he can.

Dancing Orchid in Chaos

Flower drawings are being found near murder victims around the city, leading investigators to assume that the flowers depicted are used to drug the victims.  Meanwhile, a new player enters the fray, with the ability to talk to plants. This shy attractor is hiding a big secret, and Quon must figure out what to do before it's too late.

The Complicity of Dreams

A Strange Journey through the mind leads Quon to ancient Japan.  A new Attractor is discovered, and while this dream state becomes more dangerous, so does the situation for their new would be ally.

The Roaring Anxiety

The secret is out, and the Atractor's sanctuary has been revealed to the enemy.  With Quon badly hurt, it's up to the rest to defend their homes, their lives, and their freedom.

The Return of the Invincible

With their home in jeopardy, some feel it is time to abandon the gardens.  A new character steps in, one that Quon knows very well.  The end is near, the players are set, and the final battle is about to begin!

Eternal Quon

Quon recalls the destruction of his village and feels regret and anger that he was unable to save the villagers and Towa. Using blueprints to the Custos Headquarters, the group set out to save Tei and Towa. Once inside, they face immediate danger.


Episode 7 (1 min)

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