Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time

During class, a schoolboy named Seki-kun is always creating things to entertain himself. All he cares for is creating things with an artist’s level of perfectionism and a craftsman’s attention to detail. Real dominos, shogi with original rules, a flip book with sounds… Even Yokoi-san, who sits next to Seki-kun, always gets sucked into watching his games!


Yokoi's attempts to pay attention in class are foiled by her desk neighbor, Seki, and his intricate eraser contraption.


Yokoi's studying is again interrupted by Seki! This time he's playing shogi, and, of course, he adds an unexpected twist.

Desk Polishing

Seki fastidiously polishes his desk, and, despite her best efforts, Yokoi gets caught up in his quest for ultimate shininess!


Seki begins playing Go on his desk. Yokoi doesn't know the rules, so she tries to ignore him, but, once again, Seki turns the game into something unexpected.

Eraser Stamp

Seki goofs off in science class, per usual, when an uninvited guest appears and threatens to ruin his fun!

Disaster Drill

During a routine disaster drill, Seki continues to stun Yokoi with his mechanical machinations...

Note Passing

Noticing a proliferation of notes circulating around class, Yokoi turns to Seki's desk. What she sees is quite interesting...

Shogi 2

When Seki starts playing Shogi at his desk again, Yokoi lets her guard down, assuming she's seen this before. Of course, Seki proves her wrong.


Yokoi succumbs to a bout of rivalry when Seki begins doing her favorite hobby at his desk: knitting!


A girl's misinterpretation of Seki and Yokoi's friendship proves to have some... "interesting" implications for our two protagonists.

Mountain Climbing

Once again trying to focus on the lecture, Yokoi becomes distracted when Seki pulls out an adorable stuffed bear. Of course, things shortly take a turn for the weird!

RC Car

Seki is up to his usual antics, this time with an RC car! At least he seems to be studying something for a change... or so Yokoi thinks.


At the school pool, Seki messes around with his friends as Yokoi struggles to pay attention to the teacher. Then, a certain robot makes an encore appearance...


While eating lunch with her friends, Yokoi looks over to Seki to see that his lunch is in peril!

Paper Sumo

Once again, Goto's delusions get the best of her after seeing Seki play with paper sumo figures.

Shogi vs. Chess

Seki breaks out the Shogi pieces for a third time, lulling Yokoi into another false sense of security... until he starts bringing out chess pieces.


Seki is playing fukuwarai at his desk, a Japanese game where the player places parts of the face on a blank head. Yokoi soon discovers that Seki has added a strange twist...


Yokoi's attempts at paying attention are inevitably foiled when Seki begins performing increasingly impressive magic tricks at his desk.


When she sees Seki trying out glasses in class, she tries to get a closer look. This leads, of course, to a surprise.


Seki creates a flipbook during class, and its contents mesmerize a peeking Yokoi.

Personal Belongings Inspection

Yokoi overhears that there will be an inspection of everyone's desks, leading her to worry about Seki's massive stock of toys!