TV-14 - OVA
Time Bokan: Royal Revival

In a race between these born losers, the only winner is the audience as the villains from Time Bokan, Yatterman, Zenderman, Otasukeman, Yattodetaman, Ippatsuman and Itadakiman compete for the dubious privilege of getting the lights beaten out of them once again! It’s Grand Theft Mecha Vs. Super Moron Kart as the baddies slam, bash and dirty trick each other to the finish in TIME BOKAN: ROYAL REVIVAL!

Action Comedy Mecha Sci-Fi

Ticky-Ticky Waga-Waga Boko-Boko Machine Crazy Race

The race is on and the fans are cheering with excitement! Which of these evil and wacky groups have the dedication and wit that it takes to win this mecha race?

Reunion in the Tatsunoko Kingdom!

The mission is to find the Tatsunoko Kingdom! Where is this mysterious place and can they be defeated?! It will take immense evil to take on these characters!

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