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Tears to Tiara

In a strange dark age, the Divine Empire’s path of conquest seems unstoppable, endlessly devouring its weaker neighbors in a brutal cycle of subjugation and pillage. But when a savage priest makes a critical mistake while attempting to resurrect a Demon Lord, the scales of fate begin to tip in the other direction! Choosing to side instead with the priest’s intended sacrifice, the Gaelic Priestess Riannon, the resurrected Lord Arawn joins with Riannon and her brother Arthur, as together they begin to assemble the force that will bring the Divine Empire to its knees! Wizards, archers, sword masters and even pixies take arms as the ancient Celtic, Gaelic, British and Roman myths of Albion receive a spectacular new animated interpretation in TEARS TO TIARA!

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Episodes (26)

Episode 1: Demon King Revival

To protect her village from the invading army of the Divine Empire, Gaelic Priestess Riannon agrees to be the human sacrifice needed to revive the Demon Lord, Arawn. Riannon’s older brother, Arthur, returns to the village and senses that something is wrong. With Riannon in grave danger, Arthur sets out to rescue her before the Demon Lord can be reborn.

Episode 2: People of the Covenant

Arthur finds where Riannon has been taken, but cannot kill Drwc or else his sister will die. Lord Arawn awakens, saves Riannon and kills Dwrc. Arthur doesn’t trust Arawn, but Riannon defends him. Riannon marries Arawn and he becomes the Chief of the Gael tribe. General Gaius learns of what has happened and intends to destroy Arawn and put the Gaels under the control of the Divine Empire.

Episode 3: Departure

The villagers are preparing to leave for Albion, but their ship has been captured by the Imperial Army. To make amends for her failure to defend their ship, Morgan tries to kill Arawn, but he easily subdues her attack. Arawn shows mercy to Morgan and leads the attack to reclaim their ship. Arawn is confronted by Gaius and wounded, but the Gaels escape to Albion.

Episode 4: Avalon

The tribe heads for the elfin city of Avalon, where they meet Limwris and Ermin. Their entry into the castle seals their decision to fight in the coming war. The elves learn that Arthur and Riannon are the children of the King Pwyll. A merchant elf, Epona, mistakes Arawn and Arthur for thieves as they gather weapons, and traps them in a magic circle. That night, during the feast, Arawn assures Riannon that the god Myrddin is always with them, causing her to wonder about his past life.

Episode 5: Londinium

Arthur and Arawn try to hunt for food, but find they are in another tribe’s territory. That night a minstrel, Taliesin, comes from the forest to tell them they are in the Brigante tribe’s land. With a shortage of weapons in Avalon, Arawn, Arthur, Riannon, Morgan, and Ogam go to Londinium with a plan to steal armaments from the Imperial Army. Unfortunately, Gaius is also there and the Gaels almost fall into his trap. The Gaels retreat and are able to escape. The next day, while hunting for crabs, Morgan summons a mysterious girl with her flute.

Episode 6: Callous Valley

The girl Morgan’s flute has summoned is Llyr, of the faerie tribe. Arawn burns a seal skin, not knowing that it is Llyr’s “clothing”. Without this, Llyr cannot return back to her tribe and stays with the Gaels. A group of Imperial soldiers, lead by the knight Octavia, have been following the Gaels, but are ambushed before they can attack.

Episode 7: Colosseum

Morgan and Llyr, frustrated with their duties, complain to Limwris about their situations. Limwris suggests a trip to Londinium to watch the gladiator fights. Morgan becomes excited with the idea and the prospect of being able to find an important object in Londinium. Arawn does not think it is a good idea to visit the city again, but Arthur and Ogam help Morgan to convince him to go. There, the group meets a young elf, Rathty, who decides to join them. Morgan aids Octavia when her opponent tries to cheat in the match. In return, Octavia keeps silent about the Gaels’ presence in the city.

Episode 8: Rublum

Gaius learns that the Senate’s own security force, the Rublum, has been dispatched to destroy the Gaels. When Morgan spots their ship approaching, Ogam warns that they are an elite force and should not be underestimated. Arthur ignores his advise.

Episode 9: Attack

Octavia is insubordinate to her superiors and stumbles upon a secret. As punishment, she is sent to the mines, where she is under the orders of an old rival, Lidia. Octavia is kept in a box, but is discovered by Arawn when the Gaels try to steal supplies from the compound. Arawn decides to rescue her and the Gaels escape with their plunder back to the castle.

Episode 10: Noble Fencer

Arawn is concerned with how the rest of the tribe will react to Octavia’s presence in the castle. The rest of the tribe is accepting, and only Arthur is suspicious and will not trust her since she was and Imperial soldier. The tension between the two almost boils over when Octavia comments on Arthur’s swordsmanship. Arthur challenges her to a duel. Afterwards, Arthur concedes that Octavia may be trustworthy and she joins the Gaels.

Episode 11: Requiem

The Rubrum learn the location of Avalon Castle, causing some of the Gaels to suspect that Octavia is a spy. Octavia fights fiercely to protect a child, dispelling any doubts about her loyalty. The Gaels fight again with the Rubrum. Octavia has the chance to settle her score with Lidia once and for all.

Episode 12: Threat of the Empire

Riannon is captured by Gaius and forced to heal his Imperial soldiers. Arthur wants to leave immediately to rescue her, but is cautioned by Arawn not to be hasty. Arawn is able to locate Riannon and determines that she is safe for the moment.

Episode 13: Brigantes

Gaius leads another attack on Avalon Castle. Arawn decides to try to form an alliance with the Brigantes Tribe, their neighbors. They go to meet Taliesin, but learn that the Brigantes are in disorder. The chief has died, but without naming a successor.

Episode 14: White Angel

Arawn takes Arthur and a group to his tomb to collect some of the treasure there. The tribe is running low on supplies and funds, and there should be more than enough there. Upon arrival, the group is attacked, first by Talos, then by an ogre. The group is able to fight them off and return to the castle. Elsewhere, Gaius is called before the Imperial High Council and accused of treason for his lack of success in conquering the Gaels.

Episode 15: Candid

As the Imperial forces gather around them, Arthur makes the impulsive decision to lead a preemptive strike. As the group passes through the forest, they cross into an area under the enchantment of the Gravitas. They come to a swamp where they are attacked by a group of the undead. The enchantments cause the elves to weaken and the Gaels’ weapons to be useless. Arawn finally calls upon Candidus. During his spell, Arthur remembers his father being killed by an angelic being named Arawn. In his fury, he attacks and wounds Arawn. In shame for what he has done, Arthur runs away. Gaius hears of the incident and prepares to attack.

Episode 16: Reason to Fight

With her husband injured and her brother gone, Riannon must take command of the tribe and repel the invasion of Avalon by Gaius’s forces. A group of Gaels, including Morgan and Octavia are encamped outside of the castle. Ogam warns them that it may be a trap and goes in search of Arthur. When Ogam finds him, he tells him that his own vengeance has caused him to betray his people. When the two of them are attacked, Arthur’s doubts about Arawn’s loyalty disappear and Ogam takes his true form as a dragon. Arthur escapes to find the Brigantes and convince them to join with the Gaels.

Episode 17: For My Friends

The siege of Avalon has continued for three days. Riannon has led the Gaels in repelling Gaius’s troops. Arawn’s wounds have healed, but he has yet to regain consciousness. He dreams of Myrndill and the old King Pwyll. They show him how his people continue to fight, even with him absent. King Pwyll assures Arawn that he was not responsible for his death or the death of Primula. Meanwhile, Gaius commands his all of his forces to mount an all out attack and batter down the city’s main gate. Riannon pulls everyone back into the center of the castle’s fortifications. Arthur arrives at the Brigantes tribe and finally meets with Tanieshill, the son of the late Elder. Tanieshill puts Arthur in command of his tribe’s forces and they march to Avalon.

Episode 18: Return

With the Gael’s cornered and their last lines of defense crumbling to Gaius’s forces, Arthur and the Brigantes arrive. Arthur calls out to Arawn, who finally awakens and joins the fight, giving his people a new strength and resolve. Arthur and Gaius fight until Gaius, realizing that Arawn is not trying to restore the old ways, is defeated.

Episode 19: Child of the Night

The Divine Empire is in ruins, and with the High Council dead, falls into chaos. A new foe emerges to take advantage of this vulnerability – White Spirits, or so they appear. With an army of black knights on its way, Arawn concocts a plan to trap them in the mountains. However, to do this, he will need the aid of the Giants.

Episode 20: Lucifer

The 12 Angels in heaven have placed their hopes for the future of humanity in the hands of Merlinus when they give him charge over the new Angel. This new Angel is the Arawn of the past, the one who had fallen. Merlinus names him Lucifer and has his own plans for how things ought to be. His plans seem to break with the ways of the other Angels, and with Lucifer at his side, the future becomes unclear.

Episode 21: The Song of Creation

Taliesin gets a glimpse of Arawn’s past, which reveals the actions he, himself, must take. The black knights have been lured into the mountains and Arawn’s forces are keeping them at bay while the Giants create an avalanche. The plan seems to be working until the avalanche is halted by a sudden snowstorm. It becomes apparent that the storm was created by the Angels and that Arawn’s forces will have to go down the mountain to fight the enemy.

Episode 22: Dyrnwyn

Taliesin’s sacrifice has stopped the enemy in their tracks, but Arawn knows that they must act swiftly to defeat them. Their only hope is to retrieve the sword Dyrnwyn. Arawn leads the Gaels to Palladium while Arthur, Riannon, Octavia, and the elves go in search of the sword. When it is found, Arthur attempts to remove it, but the moment he touches it, he is captivated by a series of visions. First he sees Arawn meeting King Pwyll, and how the sword was used to seal the world off from the White Spirits, resulting in Arawn being put to sleep. While Arthur is having these visions, black knights begin to close in on the group and Riannon, Octavia, and the elves hold them off. Enlightened, Arthur is able to remove the sword, instantly vanquishing the enemy. The group rushes to take Dyrnwyn to Arawn in Palladium.

Episode 23: Palladium

Together again at Palladium, Arawn and Arthur lead the others into the tower. Upon entering, the party becomes separated into three groups. Octavia and Morgan entering into an arena and must fight off an army of golems. Llyr and Rathty find the Cauldron of Resurrection and must find a way to destroy it. Arawn, Arthur, Ogam and Riannon are confronted with Drwc, resurrected and still seeking to destroy the Gaels.

Episode 24: Gravitas

With the Gravitas enchantment hindering their defenses, Arawn and Ogam split off to find the source. The others hold their ground against the enemy. Suddenly the power of the Gravitas increases and threatens to crush the Gaels’ force. Ogam, prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice to dispel the enchantment, plans to use the Flame of Origin.

Episode 25: Merkadis

Having already destroyed both the Obelisk and Resurrection Cauldron, the group defeats the army of golems and proceeds to the top of the tower. There, they find a beautiful garden, but Riannon sense a disturbing presence. An Angel appears before them, Lector, the one who killed Arthur and Riannon’s father and blamed Arawn. Enraged and seeking vengeance, Arthur manages to wound Lector, but this only angers the Angel and causes him to summon Merkadis. It is revealed that Merkadis is the one who defeated Arawn in the past, putting him to sleep.

Episode 26: Power of Words

Arthur and Arawn are unable to defeat Merkadis. It appears that only Riannon possesses the power to stop him, but she cannot remember how. Her brother and husband continue to fight, giving Riannon the chance to remember what she must do to save them all.

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