Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

Listless: a word used to describe a person who lacks energy or enthusiasm. Most of the time, Ohta knows that he’ll find his friend Tanaka in a state of blissful lethargy, whether napping on his desk or slacking off during gym class. Tanaka feels like being a main character is exhausting, and he will do anything (that doesn’t require too much effort) to laze in peace. Will Ohta ultimately help motivate the unmotivated Tanaka? Or will he find himself lured into the languid mire with him?

Tanaka-kun and Ota-kun

Being listless is hard work. Tanaka’s arms fall asleep while napping in class, he gets stuck in his gym sweater… but what’s with that weird sound he made in music class?

The Desire to Be an Apprentice

Tanaka attracts the attention of Miyano, a pint-sized would-be apprentice. She soon discovers that learning the ways of his effortless listlessness is harder than it looks.

Gap Girl Echizen

Another day of content listlessness is interrupted by a fierce challenge from Echizen, Ohta’s childhood friend. Tanaka seems to have incurred Echizen’s wrath, but how and why?

Shiraishi’s Secret

The beautiful and popular school president, Shiraishi, has a secret. When Ohta and Tanaka-kun accidentally discover it, she stalks them to make sure they don’t expose her.

Tanaka-kun's Routine

Ohta discovers that Tanaka has a little sister and accompanies him on a trip to the supermarket. Meanwhile, Shiraishi explores her growing feelings for Tanaka-kun.

Tanaka-kun With a Cold

Tanaka can’t seem to avoid getting soaked in the rain, so Ohta sends him home with Shiraishi! However, Tanaka still shows up at school the next day with a cold and face mask.

Tanaka-kun’s Valentine

On a cold Valentine’s Day morning, Tanaka opens his bag and discovers, to his chagrin, what could only be homemade Valentine’s chocolates with an unsigned note.

Ota-kun’s Suffering

Ohta is absent at school, and Tanaka gets Echizen to lead him to Ohta’s house. With Ohta barely able to walk with his injured foot, Tanaka attempts to be more independent.

Welcome to Wickey-D’s

Tanaka and Ohta enjoy a few impromptu afternoons at the local WcDonalds. One day, they run into Rino and her friend, a shy girl who seems a little shaken by Tanaka-kun.

Tanaka-kun's Summer

Tanaka’s listless floating in the pool is so contagious, even Ohta is affected by summer lethargy! Later, the boys accompany Shiraishi and Miyano as they shop for yukata.

Tanaka-kun’s Culture Festival

The last thing Tanaka wants is to participate in the school festival, but he and Ohta get chosen to play the main ghosts for their class's  haunted house!

Tanaka-kun’s Happiness

With Tanaka’s new desk right beside Shiraishi, will she finally have the chance to tell him how she feels about him? However, what’s this talk of Tanaka… with a girlfriend?


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