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Student Council's Discretion

At Hekiyo Academy, all but one of the Student Council members are elected via popularity contests, and since teenagers think with hormones more often than intellects, those seats are filled by the attractive derrieres of the school's most beautiful girls! The lines between facts and fiction disappear and what REALLY happened will probably never be revealed except at the STUDENT COUNCIL'S DISCRETION!

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: The Chatting Away Student Council

Ken Sugisaki is the only male chosen to attend the prestigious Hakiyou Academy and suddenly finds himself in a Student Council full of beautiful girls.

Episode 2: The Studying Student Council

The monster known as midterms lurks just around the corner

Episode 3: The Interviewed Student Council

The president of the Newspaper Club is out on the hunt for some juicy scandals and sets her sights on the student council!

Episode 4: The Creative Student Council

The Student Council President decides to create a novel about her club in order to give the student council a positive image in the eyes of her peers, and puts Sugisaki in charge of writing it.

Episode 5: The Intermission Student Council

Summer means a change in uniforms, and more importantly for Ken, swimsuits! When he gets a little carried away, the girls stick him in a locker, but that doesn't keep him from using his imagination!

Episode 6: The Helping Student Council

AS the student council is in the midst of deciding the school festival theme for the fall, two of their members announce that they are transferring schools.

Episode 7: The Forward-Moving Student Council

The student council decides to take a Summer trip to Tokyo, but because the President doesn't believe in airplanes, they end up taking the train!

Episode 8: The Jealous Student Council

Emotions run wild when Ken shows up to the Student Council room with a mysterious new girl. Who is she, and why is she here?

Episode 9: My Student Council

The Student Council starts a book club and ken is interested to know what everyone else is reading...but he may not like what he hears.

Episode 10: The Tidying Up Student Council

The day of the school festival is finally here, and the student council try to come up with a great tearjerker to present. As the school festival ends, they are tasked with sorting out the lost and found.

Episode 11: The Lacking Student Council

As the student council try to have a serious meeting about part time job, the story of how Ken and Mafuyu met is revealed.

Episode 12: The Student Council’s Discretion

While the student council discusses their futures, a new classmate reveals themselves, making Mafuyu jump for joy in the final episode of Student Council's Discretion!


Episode 13 (1 min)