TV-14 -
Strawberry Marshmallow

Nobue Itoh is a 20 year-old university student who has more cuteness in her life than she knows what to do with, thanks to her 12 year-old sister Chika and her friends. Although their daily lives may be filled with one misadventure after the other, Chika and her friends’ antics have a charm to them that Nobue just can’t resist. But when an even cuter transfer student from England appears, Nobue’s going to have her hands fuller than ever before!


Nobue already has her hands full with her adorable little sister, Chika, but things get even more lively when Chika’s friends Matsuri and Miu visit the house.


Ana Coppola is a cute new blonde girl in Matsuri’s class, and it appears as if her Japanese isn’t very good. However, Ana is hiding her true fluency, but why?

House Call

Matsuri readily accepts her role as Ana’s secret English tutor, even making a trip to Ana’s house to help. However, the other girls follow! Is Ana’s secret out?


Nobue tries her hand at finding a part-time job, so the elementary schoolers do the only natural thing: try to help her with job role-play!

Sleeping Together

Nobue is cuddling and paying more attention to Ana and Matsuri, so Miu is feeling a little competitive! What can she do to alleviate this jealous situation?

Midsummer Day

It’s hot outside… really hot. Chika, Miu, Matsuri, and Ana do their best to cool down without losing their little minds in the process!

Sea Bathing

For some reason, Miu is following Nobue and Chika around with a video camera. Even Matsuri and Ana get caught in the wake of Miu’s video project!


The girls don their yukata for a summer festival. After convincing Miu not to wear a ninja costume, the girls enjoy an… interesting… evening at the festival.


Nobue is good at treating her little sister to delicious treats, so has Chika gained a little bit of weight? Worried about the change, Chika decides to go on a diet.


The girls experiment with hypnotism. Later, the girls make a group trip to visit Nobue to eat cake together, but not without getting distracted along the way.

First Snow

Winter brings fun times relaxing and playing around the kotatsu! Later, Nobue takes the girls to the public baths to enjoy the warm water.


Snow! The girls build a snowman and get ready for Christmas together. Nobue, Chika, Miu, and Ana deliver Matsuri’s Christmas present dressed as Santa and his reindeer.