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Special A

At age six, Hikari Hanazono was the best at everything, so when she challenged Kei Takishima to a wrestling match, she naturally assumed she would win. Unfortunately, she lost; he won; and the natural order was disrupted. Ever since, Hikari’s entire life has been structured around beating Kei at SOMETHING. Unfortunately, try as she might, Hikari always comes up just short. Now he’s the top student and athlete at their very exclusive high school and she’s right beneath him at number two, (a position that is still, of course, completely unacceptable.) And, just to complicate matters further, even as Hikari dedicates her life to somehow one-upping Kei, she’s completely oblivious to the fact that Kei is actually in love with her! Get ready for whole new level of ridiculously dysfunctional relationships as Boy Meets Girl inevitably turns into Boy Beats Girl in SPECIAL A!

Comedy Drama Romance

Episodes (24)

Episode 1: Hikari . Kei

Hikari Hanazono was an unstoppable wrestler by the age of six. That is, until Kei Takishima entered the matched and beat her. Humiliated by her first defeat, Hikari has sworn to repay Kei by besting him in everything. This vendetta extends so far that Hikari has enrolled in all of the same schools as Kei, with the hope of finally beating him by becoming the Number 1 student. At the Private Hakusen Academy, Hikari and Kei are amongst the elite students, the Special A.

Episode 2: Pride . Pro-wrestling

There is a feud between the Student Council and the Special A. This leads to the Student Council President, Hajime Kakehi, to challenge the Special A to a pro-wrestling competition. Hikari and Kei agree to participate, but matters become a bit complicated when Hajime cheats and hires two pros to compete on his side.

Episode 3: Rice Ball . Sincerity

After losing a bet to Kei, Hikari has to make him a tasty, delicious bento. Hikari works all day trying as hard as she can to cook a superior meal. However, despite all of her best efforts, the results can be better classified as disastrous.

Episode 4: Brothers . Teacher

Kei invites Hikari over for the afternoon to talk wrestling with his father. During the visit, Hikari also meets Kei’s younger brother, Sui, who is a complete brat. When Hikari tries to straighten him out, she unwittingly winds up becoming his tutor.

Episode 5: Festival . Challenge

With the school’s anniversary and festival around the corner, the Student Council has a new challenge for the Special A: Organize the best celebration party. The situation is tough enough, but Kei and Hikari have an argument, resulting in Hikari and Akira crossing over to the Student Council’s side.

Episode 6: Invitation . Saiga Estate

Sui and Kei team up to trick Hikari into being Kei’s date to a party. It works, and Hikari is stuck accompanying Kei to his friend, Yahiro Saiga’s birthday party, where she seeks to uncover more about Kei’s past.

Episode 7: Sensitive . Thickheaded

Following Yahiro’s party, Hikari is unsure how to act around Kei. Her strange behavior has Kei confused and alarmed. In the meantime, the Special A is trying to decide upon where they will take their group vacation, until a race is suggested, where the winner picks the destination. Kei makes a deal with Hikari that if he wins, she tells him what Yahiro told her.

Episode 8: Trip . Dog

The group heads off for their vacation in Hawaii and their stay at the Ryuu family’s villa. Their fun time hits a snag when Chitose, the spoiled son of an important client of Ryuu, demands that they play family. Chitose is especially demeaning to Hikari and tells her she can be the family dog. The joke is on him as Hikari accepts and is determined to ensure that everyone has a good time.

Episode 9: Villa . Letter

Hikari is curious about why there is so much tension between Yahiro, Kei and Akira. To find out more about their falling out, she joins Yahiro at his family’s villa and ends up becoming a prisoner there so that Yahiro can force Akira to come see him. Upset, Kei recruits Tadashi help him rescue her.

Episode 10: Anchor . Ryu

Upon returning from their vacation, the Special A find their greenhouse has been vandalized. As the group cleans up, Hikari confronts Nakahara, whom she suspects is responsible. When Nakahara challenges the Special A, Hikari readily accepts, only to find that it is intended for Ryuu in particular.

Episode 11: Girlfriend . Boyfriend

Having lost, yet again to Kei, Hikari will have to spend the day with him. However, Kei’s father takes him to Shanghai. In his absence, Tadashi asks Hikari to be his girlfriend, or at least pretend to be in front of his mother, the Director of the Hakusenkan.

Episode 12: High fever . Passion

Upon returning from Shanghai and hearing about Hikari and Tadashi’s date, Kei reminds her of the promise to spend the day together. Plans change somewhat when Kei comes down with a fever and Hikari tries her best to take care of him.

Episode 13: Magic . Friends

Tadashi’s lie to his mother results in the Special A being forced to spend three days in separate classes at a regular high school. In her class, a girl named Yui Oikawa tries to befriend Akira. However, Yui’s resemblance to a former friend causes Akira to act rudely to her.

Episode 14: Protecting You . Sorry

Back together at Hakusenkan, Akira learns that Yahiro has been trying to keep Yui away from her. Akira’s attempts to protect Yui from Yahiro’s efforts fail and causes a wider divide between the two. Akira goes to her house to apologize, but it seems that the past is repeating itself again.

Episode 15: Morality . Right On

Kei has recovered from his fever and Hikari must go on a date with him. Things don’t seem to be doing so well, when Hikari learns that Kei’s father has arranged a marriage between him and Sakura Ushikubo.

Episode 16: I Love You . Kiss

Sakura hosts a barbecue for the Special A. Instead of using the opportunity to get to know Kei, Sakura’s attentions are directed towards Jun. As she tries to get him to kiss her, Jun is worried that he will have to tell his friends a secret he has been keeping from them.

Episode 17: Restraint . Smile

The Special A are invited to help out with the cultural festival at Sakura and Yahiro’s school. Yahiro tries to use the opportunity to get Akira to talk to him, but begins to lose his nerve. Hikari steps in to give him a hand in expressing how he feels to Akira.

Episode 18: Toudou . Karino

Akira is upset when it appears that Tadashi doesn’t have feeling for her. Tadashi tries to apologize, but it only makes Akira feel worse. To make amends, Tadashi takes her to a spot the two of them had visited as kids.

Episode 19: Voice . Scoundrel

Yahiro is suspicious of Megumi’s motives when she admits she has a crush on him. To make her prove her feelings, Yahiro challenges her to get him to say that he enjoyed their date. The rest of the Special A visit Hikari’s home, where she is sick with a bad cold.

Episode 20: Switch . Edge

Due to his alter ego, girls have become drawn to Jun left and right. This becomes a problem when he attends the opening of a new athletic park with Hikari and Kei. Not only does he try to hide from Sakura, but Hikari and Kei have are left to cope with the rest of the girls chasing after him.

Episode 21: Evenly Matched . Wish Granted

Hikari must confront her feelings towards Kei after meeting Aoi Ogata of the Takishima Group. Aoi determines that Kei would be better off studying in London.

Episode 22: Love . Strange

Hikari and Kei spend the day together, where she tries to understand why she is feeling so awkward in his presence. Hikari finally understands that she loves him, but can’t bring herself to declare her feelings. Trouble is brewing when, after a meeting between Aoi and the Director of Hakusenkan, the Special A’s greenhouse is closed up.

Episode 23: SA . FA

Aoi has fixed things so that the Special A is closed down, so that Kei will go study in London. Kei tries to remedy the situation the other members of the Special A can remain together, but at a cost to himself. Hikari learns of his leaving for London as a sacrifice for the group’s future.

Episode 24: Hanazono Hikari . Takishima Kei

Hikari and the rest of the Special A go to London with the determination to bring Kei back. Hikari finishes the challenge Kei issued before leaving and the two sharehow they really feel about each other.

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