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So I Can't Play H

The pleasures of this world are varied and often come with a price, which is something Ryosuke Kaga learns far too late. After foolishly agreeing to share his "essense" with a dying woman who turns out to be the Goddess of Death, Ryosuke realizes that his pact with Lisara Restole carries a hefty toll...not on his life, but on his lecherous spirit! His only choice is to help Lisara achieve her goal, thus freeing himself from her clutches and regaining his ability to enjoy the more licentous parts of life. It’s going to be anything but easy to go back to being sleazy in So, I Can’t Play H!

Action Mature Romance Supernatural

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Red String of Fate

Ryousuke has been pegged as the school pervert for as long as he can remember.  When a pretty girl is in need, he comes running...not knowing that this girl is somewhat different from others.

Episode 2: Being a Perv is Good for the Environment

Lisara begins intruding into every facet of Ryousuke's life: first by taking residence in his house, and now by transferring to his class as her search for a powerful soul continues.

Episode 3: The Dangerous Idol

Lisara discovers 8 potentials at school each with their own set of unique skills.  In order to pick the best candidate, she decides to test their powers, but the 1st challenger proves difficult.

Episode 4: The Gap Between Large and Small Breasts

A new challenger has entered the arena, also in search of the most powerful soul. Joining Ryousuke and Lisara's class is the first step in her plan to do so, and no one will stand in her way.

Episode 5: Invisible Dictionary

Mina and Quele begin following Ryou around as he attempts to expand his "vocabulary".  Mina's admiration for him is starting to become an issue.

Episode 6: Together As One

The secret behind Ryousuke's possession of the sword is revealed, and it takes a mother to do it!

Episode 7: I Want To Let You...

Ryousuke's rush to rescue Mina has put everyone in danger. The situation begins to overwhelm him and while he is physically able, his deteriorating mental state hinders him.

Episode 8: Rival, Sways

While Quele attempts to heal Ryousuke, Lisara rallies the Restall Army.

Episode 9: My Kingdom Standing Tall

Galdarblog's and Ryousuke's swords finally meet!

Episode 10: Heaven After Hell

Ryousuke is healed and home with friends. Everything is copacetic for once, but somehow it doesn’t feel right to him.

Episode 11: Making Love Happen

The only way to save Ryousuke is to make him fall for Mina, but there is someone who is incredibly adverse to the idea.

Episode 12: Shut Up About H

Ryousuke picks death, but the ladies refuse to lose him.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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