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Shining Hearts

A powerful storm washes Kaguya ashore on the island of Wyndaria. She cannot remember a thing and little does she know, the spirit stone she wears around her neck is a magnet for pirates. She meets a swordsman turned baker named Rick, who along with his co-workers decide to keep Wyndaria safe from pirates and help Kaguya remember who she is.

Fantasy Romance

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Welcome to Le Coeur

While out gathering ingredients for their bakery, Rick, Amil, Neris and Airy find an injured Sylph. Despite hearing about a beast near the Elven Forest, they decide to bring it back to its home in the Forest.

Episode 2: Day of Storms

An awfully strong storm is coming, and everyone on the island is preparing.

Episode 3: Light Control

A girl has washed up on the beach, just like Rick. The furnace at the bakery breaks apart due to damage from the storm, and a ship that may belong to pirates has been seen near the island.

Episode 4: Mechanical Doll

Rumor in the marketplace is that the storm has unearthed a treasure on the ocean floor. Rick, Xiaomei and Neris head out to pull the treasure out of the sea.

Episode 5: Similar to Melting

A strange little creature with a major sweet tooth has been showing up at closing time. They follow him up the mountain to a dilapidated mansion where his master, Melty, is trying to create the perfect ice cream

Episode 6: Request From the Prince

Rona, a clumsy maid from the palace, shows up to request baked goods for the prince and princess’s tea. When Rick and the other bakers show up to deliver the food, the prince asks for Rick’s help in apprehending a thief.

Episode 7: Every Heart

Rick is troubled by Black Tail’s true identity, and goes to confront her. She turns it back around on him though, since has a dual nature as well – baker and swordsman.

Episode 8: Drifting Person

Le Coeur reopens with a new café attached. When Rick makes a delivery to Flora, the pub owner, he discovers that she is also a drifter with no memory of her past before washing up on the island.

Episode 9: Mysterious Thief Again

Kaguya is well enough to go on a tour of the island, while Black Tail and Hank team up to take back the confiscated treasure from the royal vaults.

Episode 10: Messenger From Another World

Xiaomei and Hank have been thrown in the dungeons at the palace, while under investigation. Dylan’s ship returns after a bad skirmish with a massive battleship that is headed for the island.

Episode 11: Decisive Battle

Kaguya has decided to surrender herself in exchange for protecting the island from the mechanical battleship. The prince charges Rick with bringing her back.

Episode 12: The Bread of Happiness

Rick battles with the otherworldly forces that have taken Kaguya captive, though he risks bringing the stone they desire into the thick of it.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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