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If you could send someone a letter after you die… What would you write? And who would you send it to?  Are some secrets best kept with the dead?  For most Shigofumi Mail Deliverers, charged with delivering  messages from the recently departed to those left behind, the question is purely rhetorical as most Deliverers are dead themselves and past the point of caring about the still breathing.  The solemn girl known as Fumika, however, is all too aware of the mortal perspective, for she is still aging: an indicator that she is somehow, mysteriously, still alive.  Yet, neither Fumika’s own personal tragedy nor the knowledge that her mail may be a mixed blessing at best will stay her grim determination to make her morbid rounds.  Though the postal scales of fate may be eternally shifted, Fumika will make sure each posthumous posting from the ultimate dead letter office reaches its intended target, because for these letters, there’s no return to sender!   Neither rain nor sleet nor even death will stop the messages from beyond from coming in SHIGOFUMI! 

Drama Supernatural

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Confession

Shota meets a mysterious girl dressed in a mail carrier's uniform, named Fumika. The person she is looking for Asuna Ayase's lover. What she has for that person is a letter from none other then Ayase's deceased father. 

Episode 2: Rocket

When Shouta's body is found, Asuna decides to cut her hair and leave by train. However, before she can leave, Fumika delivers a letter to her from Shouta. After reading it, she decides to launch Shouta's rocket.

Episode 3: Friends

Three friends, Sen, Kotake and Nojima, discuss about jumping — but not dying. Sen, a cheerfull guy, kills himself by jumping off his apartment building. His father, desperate to know how he died, takes the students in Sen's class hostage.

Episode 4: Tears

Fumika attempts to deliver a thick letter to Ran from her mother who walked out on her as a child with another man. However, Ran hates her mother and does not accept the letter. Fumika is persistent so Ran finally accepts it, but refuses to read it.

Episode 5: I'm Home

Fumika is assigned to deliver a letter to a cat. She runs into Chiaki, another mail carrier, who is also trying to deliver to the cat. They realize that they have the same task from an elderly couple who owned the cat.

Episode 6: Shout

Koichi is bullied in his class and via an Internet message board. His classmate, Shunsuke, realizes that the person on the message board is actually Koichi. When Koichi dies, Shunsuke becomes bullied and finds it difficult to go on living.

Episode 7: Kirameki

Natsuka's sister Haruno lands an editors job for Kirameki Furikawa. When Kaname learns of this, he wants to ask Kirameki about Fumika. Could Fumika's past and who she is be revealed?

Episode 8: Beginning

While Kaname and Haruno lock up Kirameki, Natsuka watches as Fumika easily removes the bullet and repairs her clothes. She then reveals what happened when Kirameki was shot, who she is, and who the Fumika in the hospital is.

Episode 9: Reunion

While visiting the real Fumika in the hospital, Fumika is visited by Chiaki who wants her to join her on a trip. Surprisingly Fumika agrees to go with her, the only catch is that she chooses the location.

Episode 10: Encounter

While visiting her relatives house, a little girl, named Fumika, meets her cousin Takehiko, who suddenly left his job for no reason. After Fumika is left in his care, Takehiko takes her out to have some fun.

Episode 11: Awakening

Fumika awakens from her coma, greeted by Kaname & Natsuka. They try to prevent the mail-carrier Fumika from finding the real Fumika, as Chiaki learns that she will deliver the gun to her other self & ask to be killed.

Episode 12: Shigofumi

After reporting her father's abuse to the police, Fumika becomes a sort of celebrity - people constantly bother her. Fumika and her friends find it hard to adjust to the mail-carrier's absence. Fumika becomes suicidal after her mother rejects her.

Episode 13: And Then

When Fumika is bullied at school, Suzune shows her kindness. A rumor circulates about people receiving shigofumi from Koichi Kikukawa, but Kaname & Natsuka suspect they are fake.

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