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Severing Crime Edge, The

Haimura Kiri loves to cut women’s hair. When he happens upon a Western mansion, he meets a girl whose long, beautiful hair is cursed so that no scissors can cut it. “Killers”, “Killing Goods”, and “The Queen of Hair” are just a few of the terms surrounding the mystery girl. Let the love-battle of boys and girls who possess the blood of Killers begin!

Action Fantasy Mature Mystery Romance

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: The Sleeping Princess

Haimura Kiri has found the most beautiful, irresistible head of hair in the world. Only these lovely locks seem to be tangled up in a curse and a group of psychotic killers.

Episode 2: The Portrait of Heresy

Iwai now has a chance at a normal life and begins attending junior high school. However, there are those who find this prospect very disagreeable.

Episode 3: Cross the Thunder Clouds

An Author has made it to town, and Kiri fears the worst, even though the professor claims there is nothing to worry about.

Episode 4: Where Is the Visitor?

With the Sledgehammer incident behind them, and Iwai even more on guard about Authors than before, Kiri asks if there is any place she wants to visit.

Episode 5: Before the Game

Kiri and Iwai have decided to cut her hair during their school trip. A new Author suddenly makes an attempt on the Queen, potentially ruining everyone's plans.

Episode 6: Waltz of Stars

Will Iwai's voice reach Kiri before he is commanded to do the unthinkable? Will the outside observers use this chance to make a play for the Queen?

Episode 7: The Silver Coins of Balance

Kiri and Iwai grow nervous after they are invited to a Gossip party.

Episode 8: Party Chopper

A play depicting the tale of the Queen is the party entertainment. Kiri and Iwai are lead backstage to get into costume for the next act, but this will leave one of them hanging.

Episode 9: Lyrical Night Flight

Nakajima is guilty of a party foul, leaving Lady Violet Witchy to intervene!

Episode 10: Standing Babe-ation

Iwai discovers that her hair has not grown back to its original state. Fearful of how Kiri will react, she cancels plans with him. Meanwhile, a very unique and deadly Author has set their sights Iwai.

Episode 11: Red Rising

Still suffering from the attacks from Emily, Kiri goes to school in an attempt to maintain normalcy.

Episode 12: Forbidden Game

Emily vows to kill Iwai, and Kiri knows that the only way to stop her is to fight.

Episode 13: Grayland is in the House

Iwai carries a wounded Emily out of the woods as it catches on fire. Before they can make their exit they encounter Kiri who is dead set on cutting Iwai's hair.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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