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Say I Love You

"To trust is to set yourself up for failure." That’s the lesson Mei Tachibana learned when her heart was broken. She found a solution: never make any more friends. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it works for Mei. At least it did until handsome and charming Yamato Kurosawa showed up to complicate everything. Mei’s not looking for a white knight. So why did he have to kiss her and ruin everything? Between heartbeats and behind trembling lips the specter of betrayals past, future and present haunt them both in Say “I Love You.”

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Episodes (13)

Episode 1: We Kissed

Tachibana Mei is a loner, and she is tormented every day for being somewhat peculiar. Things take an unexpected turn when Mei accidentally roundhouse kicks the most popular boy in school.

Episode 2: Fried Chicken Flavored

After sharing a kiss with Yamato, Mei's feelings for him begin to grow. Just as she begins to invest in her feelings, she learns that Yamato is going to visit his first love...

Episode 3: If You Trust Someone...

Yamato insists that he and Mei should behave like a couple. Later, they go bowling with Muto and Aiko, who has feelings for Yamato. Out of jealousy, Aiko reveals a shocking piece of information about Mei.

Episode 4: They Have Scars

One of Yamato's old friends wants to meet his new girlfriend. The meeting is unsettling, as Mei continues to learn new things about Yamato.

Episode 5: Just Like This

Yamato invites Mei to his house. To add to the pressure Mei is already feeling, Yamato's little sister sizes up Mei.

Episode 6: Why

A new girl has transferred into Toumei, the rising idol Megu-tan, and she has set her eyes on Yamato.

Episode 7: I Really Love You

The rift between Yamato and Mei continues to widen. An offer to continue modeling with Megu-tan just might be the end of their relationship.

Episode 8: New to Love

Mei is trying to be strong, but this new feeling she is having is  tearing her apart. So young and new to love, it will take the help of her friends to make everything right.

Episode 9: Each and Every

A new frequent customer to Mei’s shop is actually a boy from Yamato’s past. He brings with him scars from the past.

Episode 10: Nothing Else

Megumi schemes to drive a wedge between Mei and Yamato.

Episode 11: Parade

Megumi can't take the heat when her scheming ways come back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Mei and Yamato enjoy their alone time together....until Nagi shows up!

Episode 12: I'll Protect You

Megumi must come to terms with her past in order to be a better person for the future. Meanwhile, Mei's mom provides her input on Yamato.

Episode 13: Say

When Yamato is too ill to go to school, Mei goes to care for him. However Yamato’s hovering sister sends the wrong message to Mei…a message that could end things between them.


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Episode 15 (1 min)

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