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Samurai Harem

His Skill with a Sword is Magnificent but…  His SOCIAL Skills Still Need a LOT of Work!      After many long years perfecting the art of fighting, 17-year-old Yoichi Karasuma is sent down from the remote mountains where he has been raised thinking that he’s going to study some new martial arts techniques.  But what he’s really going to learn about are some slightly more practical things, like electrical appliances, modern clothing and, most especially, how NOT to make girls to want to kill you!  Unfortunately, that last lesson is one Yoichi may not survive, as his new dojo is infested with the infernal creatures in the form of the Ikaruga sisters, and they don’t really seem to understand how “proper” girls are “supposed” to behave!  Will Yoichi’s bushido blade be struck down by the fearsome charms of Ibuki, Ayame, Chihaya and Kagome?  Or will the equally lethal girls from the rival Tsubame school be his undoing?   Whatever happens, there’s bound to be hilarity ahead as someone’s sword gets bent out of shape in the outrageous complete collection of SAMURAI HAREM!

Comedy Romance

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: A Samurai Comes!

Yoichi's father has been teaching him all about martial arts his entire life but now has to move to the city to learn more. On his first day he tries to apprehend a thief but ends up being arrested instead.

Episode 2: Welcome to Yokko!

Yoichi is beaten up at school today. Later on that day Yoichi is challenged to a fight by Washizu and defeats him. That evening Yoichi becomes ill.

Episode 3: Amazing Without Clothes

Yoichi finds the new girl, Tsubasa, in school cute. After classes end, Angela strips Tsubasa and turns her into a fighting machine. She attacks Yoichi.

Episode 4: Chihaya Being Chihaya

Ibuki and Yoichi put on a swording fighting demonstration and Yoichi ends up ripping Ibuki's clothes.  Afterwards Yoichi has an interview but the girl starts to seduce him.

Episode 5: Let’s Go On A Date!

Yoichi and Ibuki go on a "practice" date.

Episode 6: Wassan Comes!

Ibuki accidentally knocks out Washizu while chasing after Yoichi. Washizu ends up at the school nurses' office and while recovering daydreams about confessing his love to Ibuki.

Episode 7: School Swimsuit, White School Swimsuit, Two-Piece Swimsuit

The group goes to the beach where two brothers are lying in wait to fight Yoichi. Later on everyone plays in the water but Kagome, who decides to runaway into the forest.

Episode 8: Back Then, You Were Badass

Washizu is determined to confess his love to Ibuki via a love letter. Washizu loses the letter and Ayame finds it.

Episode 9: A Summer Festival: Plunging Into The Fire

Washizu is caught daydreaming by Yoichi so he hits him making him run out and shout his love to Ibuki.

Episode 10: A Battle To The Death At A Hidden Hot Spring!

While on a free trip to a hot springs, the host tells Yoichi and the others that ghosts have driven quests away. Yoichi and Ibuki volunteer to excorcise the ghosts, but Ukyo and Sakon begin their scheme by releasing a sleeping gas throughout the inn.

Episode 11: I’m Taking Ibuki

The Saginomiya siblings' schemes continue, as they propose the Ikarugas a "first-class celebrity" lifestyle in exchange for Ibuki, who, due to the sleeping gas, has reverted to a child-like mental state.

Episode 12: Yoichi Fights On!

Yoichi, Kagome, Chihaya, and Ayame arrive at the Saginomiyas' residence and cross the river surrounding the castle using a makeshift raft. They enter the castle to rescue the amnesiac Ibuki from marriage to Ukyo.

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