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Samurai Bride

Japan attracts all sorts of people with the allure of its history and beauty. However, it also arouses the tendencies of those who seek to do harm. Never fear, the Samurai are here! This is the tale of the great and noble Samurai who serve as guardians of their beloved Japan.

Action Mature Shoujo

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: True Shadow, Now Open

With Muneakira now home, Yukimura unveils her latest endeavor: a maid cafe?  It's too bad their very first customers happen to be another group of samurai girls intent on taking them all down!

Episode 2: Kiss Again

There's a panties thief on the loose!  Yukimura suspects Muneakira of stealing her panties, and Sen bets a naked dance to prove that he isn't the culprit. If not him, then who...or what?

Episode 3: Love and Kiss

Investigation time! After a heated battle with one of the resurrected samurai, Kanetsugu goes on a fact finding mission of utmost importance.

Episode 4: Samurai Bride

Gisen returns looking for work, at least in appearance only. Her true plan gets underway immediately as she pits the girls against each other to see who will become the Samurai Bride.

Episode 5: Supremacy of the Underworld

The resurrected samurai have finally begun their assault on Muneakira and his master samurai...only to find out that there are certain stipulations they must follow to engage in battle.

Episode 6: The Reputed Dandy

The real Jubei makes a grand entrance, appearing to wake from her slumber.

Episode 7: Unable to Unlock!

Keijiro makes an appearance, and reveals that she and Kanetsugu hold a shared secret that Kanetsugu would rather not talk about!

Episode 8: The Mysterious Shadow

A new presence makes itself known to the Master Samurai, someone unexpected and completely in the shadows.  What are they to make of this new development?

Episode 9: The New Master Samurai

There's going to be a new Master Samurai in town!

Episode 10: The Secret of the Chingo Stone

The whereabouts and the mystery surrounding the Chingo Stone are finally revealed!

Episode 11: The Showdown

Muneakira and his Master Samurai attempt to create the Samurai Bride using information gathered by Yukimura.  However, Musashi's sealing is making it difficult.

Episode 12: Birth of the Samurai Bride

The cursed spirit is loose and Sen is hot on its trails.  As the others continue the fight, Hanzo has designs of her own, vowing to let no harm come to her dear Princess Sen.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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