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Sakura Wars

It is the 1920s,and Japan is under attack by demonic invaders. The government has designed sturdy robot armor suits for the impending battle, but only young ladies with the proper combination of virtue and spirit can pilot the robots successfully. Enter young Sakura, arriving in the Imperial Capital from the countryside to join the Imperial Flower Combat Troop.

Action Sci-Fi Shoujo

Episodes (25)

Episode 1: Sakura Arrives at the Capital

When Sakura Shinguji arrives to fight with the Imperial Floral Division, she's in for quite a shock. What's a performing group doing here? Bewildered by the whole thing, she accidentally stumbles into a room containing the group's Koubu, their spirit powered mecha's, and they react unexpectedly to Sakura's enormous untapped power.

Episode 2: The City to be Defended

Still in shock by what has occurred at the Imperial Performing Theater, Sakura runs away to find salvation. She runs into Torabo, a young boy she met upon her arrival in the capital, and he invites her to stay with him and his mother. However, Sakura's stay will be interrupted when the Wakiji, the demon mechas, attack.

Episode 3: Sakura's Stage Debut

Having returned to the Imperial Floral Division, Maria is put in charge of training Sakura in the ways of the performing arts. Sakura learns that this is more than just training for performance; it's a way to help the girls harness and perfect their spiritual energies, and it's not quite as easy as she had thought. Another Wakiji arrives, bringing out the Imperial Floral Unit in full force.

Episode 4: The Flower Combat Troops New Commander

With a little time off, the girls do what they need to in order to relax. Maria continues her rigorous training; Sumire goes on an over the top shopping trip, and Sakura manages to convince Iris, as well as Jean-Paul, to take a trip to the local amusement park.

Episode 5: Evil Shadow

The Flower Unit's new commander, Ichiro Ohgami, has finally arrived, much to Maria's disdain. Now that the group has a Wakiji in their possession, they decide to do a little dissection to further understand their enemy, but from the twisted remains emerges a woman calling herself the Crimson Miroku, and she's not alone.

Episode 6: The Koubu's Heart

The battle with Crimson Miroku has left the Koubus in a heavy state of disrepair. Yoneda decides it's time to bring in someone a little closer to the situation to help not only with training, but also with the negative feelings, and Ri Kohran is brought back to the Imperial Theater.

Episode 7: Tasty Order

Kanna returns to the fold of the Imperial Theatre to meet the newcomers to the Teikoku Kagekidan. While things may seem like they are returning to normal, a new threat appears in the form of Setsuna, a telepathic member of the Black Sanctum Council.

Episode 8: This is Revue

The Flower Division prepares to perform a new play for the arrival of the Goodwill Ambassador, and it's a one night only event. However, problems arise before the show can even begin.

Episode 9: A Girl Called Kazuar

Sakura, in an effort to make friends, mistakenly dredges up something very personal from Maria's past. While on a group outing for lunch, Sakura intends to apologize, but is cut short when Setsuna and Resatsu appear once again and Ohgami is kidnapped. Going against orders, Maria and Sakura attempt to find him before it's too late.

Episode 10: The Kanna that Summons a Storm

Kanna feels it in the air: a typhoon is coming, and it looks like a big one. The problem is that Sumire doesn't believe her, and the two make a little wager.

Episode 11: The Flower Division Training Camp

The girls are sent out on a training exercise in order to brush up on their piloting skills. However, just like in real battle, the unexpected happens, and Sakura and Kohran get separated from the others. With their Koubu damaged, communications impossible, and Kohran injured, it looks like it may be up to Sakura to save the day.

Episode 12: Lonely Birthday

It's Iris' birthday, but it seems that no one but her parents knew about it. Determined to make her special day even better, Sakura convinces the others that they should throw a party, but since none of them have ever had a Western birthday, they aren't sure of what to do.

Episode 13: Bloom Like a Flower! On a Maiden's Pride!

An evil witch erects a tower in the center of the Imperial Capital. Now it's up to the Flower Division to stop her.

Episode 14: Iris Goes Forth

The Imperial City is under attack by a mysterious man whose face frightens Ayame and Commander Yomeda. Iris tries to evoke courage to pilot her Koubu.

Episode 15: Sakura's Return to her Homeland

Sakura returns to Sendai to have her sword fixed. Upon her arrival, she must undergo a test to prove her worthiness to wield her sword.

Episode 16: Anti-Kouma Squad

Commander Yoneda remembers his past in another Imperial squadron, before he became a commander, and he recalls what happened to Sakura’s father.

Episode 17: Overture

Iris learns to control her Kobou while Sakura practices with her new sword. A new demon named Crimson Miroku attacks.

Episode 18: Cinderella

Sakura is cast as Cinderella in the upcoming play, and she tries to quell her performance anxiety. Ogami creates a new attack formation.

Episode 19: The Formation to Destroy Evil

While practicing Ogami's new attack formation, everyone struggles to overcome their own inhibitions in order to execute it precisely.

Episode 20: The Darkness Steals Closer

Yamasaki dupes Sakura into thinking he is an old friend of her father's. He gives her a gift that brainwashes her and steals her Spirit Energy.

Episode 21: One More Battle

The demonic forces continually defeat the Flower Division, painting a grim future for Japan. In an act of desperation, Yoneda makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to defeat the enemy and help save the city.

Episode 22: The Imperial Theatre Goes Up in Flames

Yamasaki and his demons attack the base, taking everyone by surprise. Sakura and the others attempt to hold them off while Ayame formulates a plan.

Episode 23: Machine of Dreams

Kohran goes off alone. When demons attack, she suffers from delusions and struggles to regain her sense of clarity.

Episode 24: Ties

Yamasaki is dangerously close to finding and destroying the last stone. The final battle is nigh, as the board contemplates blowing up the entire city in an effort to destroy Yamasaki.

Episode 25: Continuation of the Dream

Ogami and Kayama battle with Setsuna while the others head to the Tower of Doom. The entire city relies on the Flower Division to save the day.

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