TV-14 - OVA
Saiyuki Gaiden

In their former lives, Genjyo Sanzo and his crew of misfits were gods; but they didn't act divine. When Goku flies into a murderous rage after seeing his best friend die, Heaven's had enough and wants him dead! But Konzen Douji, Field Marshal Tenpou and General Kenren are willing to do anything to protect Goku, even if it means turning all of Heaven against them. Will the three of them be enough to break through the Heavenly Western Army and escape to the Lower World? Or will the Journey to the West be over before it's even begun?

Action Fantasy Shounen

Episode 1

After going berserk, Goku has turned the entire Heavenly Army against him. Everyone is bent on seeing him dead...everyone save for three very good friends. But can Konzen, Tenpou and Kenren defeat an entire army to save their friend?

Episode 2

Nataku’s true identity is revealed when Konzen, Kenren, Tenpou and Goku make their way into a secret laboratory. They discover how Li Touten managed to climb to power and now they must face a swarm of powerful golden-eyed monsters.

Episode 3

Tenpou serves as a decoy, allowing Goku and Konzen to reach the Dimensional Gate. Unfortunately, Li Touten and his men are there waiting for him. It is time for Konzen Douji and Li Touten’s final battle over Goku’s fate!


Episode 4 (2 min)


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