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Aoi will never forget how she felt the day her high school animation club’s labor of love was shown at the cultural festival. But two years after graduating, she works as a production assistant for an animation studio, the reality of her job has somewhat diminished her enthusiasm. Despite the long hours and the daunting schedule, she still hopes to fulfill the promise she and her friends Ema, Shizuka, Misa, and Midori made: to one day reunite and make a real anime of their own as professionals!

Comedy Slice of Life

Episodes (24)

Episode 1: Exodus to Tomorrow!

Back in high school Aoi and her four friends promised to one day make an animated feature together! It's been two years since then and Aoi is now an assistant producer facing the struggles of working within the anime industry.

Episode 2: Arupin is Here!

With Segawa-san falling ill the pressure to complete episode four of Exodus has increased for Aoi. To make matters even worse though the director has decided to completely redo a scene! Will the team be able to make their deadline?

Episode 3: No More Recap Episodes

Now that everyone has agreed to rework episode four, Aoi and the team are scrambling to make their deadline. Technology seems to be against them though when an FTP server goes down and they can’t access some of the necessary files!

Episode 4: I Totally Messed Up

Shizuka is finally going to audition for a role with Prussia Studio. While there she learns that a popular voice actress is auditioning too. This causes Shizuka to become so nervous she may not be able to perform very well

Episode 5: Those Who Blame Others Should Just Quit!

The combination of Endou-san dropping out as animation supervisor for the eighth episode and the storyboards for the final episode being far from completion, the whole production of Exodus could fail!

Episode 6: Idepon Miyamori: On the Move

Things keep escalating as Endo-san still refuses to return to work and is offered a position at Studio Canaan. Aoi is forced to tell Honda about everything that's happening.

Episode 7: Retake By Cat

Aoi's day starts off with her older sister suddenly deciding to visit and then at the office's morning meeting Ochiai announces he'll be leaving the company! Meanwhile, Ema has begun to question her animation skills.

Episode 8: I’m Not Criticizing You, Okay?

As Ema continues to struggle, Yumi offers her a new perspective. But Aoi’s troubles over Ochiai's announcement begin to grow as she’s unable to see past what tomorrow holds.

Episode 9: What Do You Suppose I Wanted To Convey?

Misa and Shizuka are both struggling to reach their dreams. While Misa is fearful she'll never animate anything other than tires, Shizuka worries about her voice acting skills. The girls wonder if they’ll ever make their anime together.

Episode 10: Just one more for the road.

Aoi is tasked with delivering an instrument to the sound effects department and ends up drawn into the work they do. As Misa contemplates quitting her job, Aoi gives her some advice based on what she learned from Kawano.

Episode 11: The Little Key Animation Girl

The deadline for the last episode is closing in and Aoi needs to distribute all of the key frames to the animators. Unfortunately she’s struggling to assign the more difficult cuts to someone and ends up having to reach out to other companies.

Episode 12: Exodus Christmas

Aoi arrives at Kanno's house and realizes that it was rather rude for her to ask him to help with the key frames. As she apologizes, Kanno informers her that there is has been someone perfect for the assignment right under her nose.

Episode 13: What is Your Favorite Cloud?

It is announced that Musashino Animation's next project will be The Third Aerial Girls Squad. With Honda having just left Musashino and Erika still checking on her hospitalized father, Aoi is assigned to the production desk!

Episode 14: The No Holds Barred Audition Meeting!

Shizuka auditions for a part in The Third Aerial Girls Squad but is asked to read for another character. Later Seiichi goes to the casting meeting where there are arguments over aspects outside of voice acting.

Episode 15: Is This Artwork Really Okay?

After the welcoming party for new employees, Musashino Animation dives into production for Third Aerial Girls Squad. Aoi does her best as the new production desk but her hard work may come to screeching halt!

Episode 16: Turning the Tables

Aoi informs everyone to stop production on the characters and Yumi begins revising their designs based on the author's feedback. However, she starts struggling when his disapproval continues.

Episode 17: Can You Please Tell Me Where I Am?

The anime adaptation for The Third Girls Aerial Squad is announced to the public, but it is met with skepticism. The studio is then pressured into completing a promotional video in in only two weeks!

Episode 18: You Set Me Up!

Aoi gets Ookura to agree to work on a scene but the next day, he’s completely forgotten about the agreement! Later on, Musashino receives the layouts for the fifth episode with several glaring errors.

Episode 19: Are They Biting?

Upon Erika's return Aoi cracks under all of the pressure and asks her to takeover as Production Desk! Erika advises Aoi to sleep on it and pays a visit to the Taitanic office to help sort things out.

Episode 20: If I Mustang

Conflict seems to rise anywhere Hiraoka goes! He implies that Midori is getting writing projects because she’s a girl. Then he argues with the director about the key animator.

Episode 21: Don't Take the Quality Hostage

Just as things are going good Aoi receives complaints from Segawa, who wants Hiraoka taken off the episodes she is working- which in turn angers Hiraoka.

Episode 22: Noa is in Underwear, Ma'am

Yumi nominates Ema to join Rinko as an assistant general animation supervisor but Ema is hesitant. Later Katsuragi is learns that all of the last episode's storyboards.

Episode 23: Turning the Tables, Part II

Seiichi decides to reach out to Nogame on his own to try and settle the issue about the anime’s ending. The Chazawa’s lack of action comes to light with consequences.

Episode 24: A Delivery Too Far

The series is complete and all that’s left to do is deliver the final tapes to the TV stations. However, Aoi’s delivery may not make it in time as transport delays arise!

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