Ruin Explorers

Fam and Ihrie are treasure hunters, but these two are hardly cut out for dungeon diving. Fam can use sword and sorcery, but a curse turns her into a mouse every time she uses a spell. Ihrie is afraid to use destructive magic in case the spirits dissaprove and stop talking to her. Their rival Rasha has no qualms calling on phenomenal cosmic powers alongside her braggart sword-swinging companion Miguel, which only complicates Fam and Ihrie's hunt for the wish-granting Ultimate Power.

Adventure Comedy Fantasy

As I Command Thee

Ruin explorers Ihrie and Fam are on a quest for the "Ultimate Power". They start their journey by looking for the idol which is the first of three items used to create the "Ultimate Power" and is the proof of royalty.

Oh, Spirits that Reside in the Air!

Ihrie and Fam have an argument and part ways. They are later joined back together by a small group of individuals while searching the underground city of Salim. While in Salim will they meet their doom when Rogudorol appears?

Let the Light of Admonishment Shine Upon the Fools

Golaf contracts a ship and sailors to take them on their quest for "Ultimate Power".

The Skies, the Seas, and the Woods

Ihrie has something un-expected in store for Rogudorol as the group fights him in a battle of good versus evil.


Episode 5 (2 min)


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