TV-14 - TV Series
Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen (Season 4)

What if Jun Sakurada chose NOT to turn the key in the back of the lifelike doll that mysteriously arrived at his house? Just as certain opportunities exist for only a moment, there are also threads of fate so strong that the very fabric of the universe can warp in order to make them happen. The events of the original ROZEN MAIDEN are rewritten, and the destiny of the characters rewound.

Drama Fantasy Supernatural

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Tale 1

The story of the Rozen Maidens is retold, giving rise to a new tale of the eternal power struggle that is the Alice Game.

Episode 2: Tale 2

In an alternate reality, Jun decides to "Not Wind It", and continues to live a normal, if somewhat sad life. Things change when he gets a strange package in the mail.

Episode 3: Tale 3

Jun continues to receive messages from his younger self, urging him to complete "Shinku" at all costs.

Episode 4: Tale 4

Jun wakes up to find a completed Shinku.  With a few twists, he brings her to life and embroils himself further in the Alice Game.

Episode 5: Tale 5

Suigintou has made her way to Shinku, and the journey she underwent to get there is revealed.

Episode 6: Tale 6

To get back to the Jun who wound, Shinku and Suigintou call a truce. Elsewhere, adult Jun is humiliated.

Episode 7: Tale 7

Hoping to chance his world, adult Jun begins working on a "new doll" behind Shinku's back. Elsewhere, young Jun is at a loss with what to do next.

Episode 8: Tale 8

Adult Jun's new doll is only complete, missing only its head. Later, the play he is helping on runs into some trouble.

Episode 9: Tale 9

Kirakisho shows her true self, and Adult Jun, Suigintou and Shinku have no choice but to fight.

Episode 10: Tale 10

A familiar face returns, and with some help, attempts to reclaim what is hers. Young Jun and Adult Jun finally meet.

Episode 11: Tale 11

As Souseiseki sets out to restart the big clock, she strikes a deal with Suigintou, one that she keeps from her twin. Young Jun finally finds the true Shinku.

Episode 12: Tale 12

With Kirakisho seemingly defeated, the Rozen Maidens and Juns part ways, but not before Suigintou sets off to look for Megu.

Episode 13: Tale 13

Just who didn't wind the key returns to his normal lifeā€¦or so he thinks. His story isn't over, however, and Shinku and the other dolls approach this new challenge together.

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