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Rozen Maiden: Träumend (Season 2)

Jun Sakurada suddenly finds himself magically bound to Shinku, his life force powering hers, and she’s not too crazy about the way he’s been living his life.  Then comes the Alice Game, a competition that pits Rozen Maiden against Rozen Maiden for the prize of becoming a real girl, while the losers’ life essence is drained and they become lifeless toys again.  In order to win this deadly game, Jun and Shinku will have to find a way to work together. Get ready for a whole new kind of ‘guys and dolls’ as ‘action figure’ takes on a new meaning in Rozen Maiden: Träumend!

Drama Fantasy Supernatural

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Rose Crystal - Rozenkristall

Jun tries to catch up with his past due school work in order to re-enroll. Everything appears to be as it was before until Shinku begins having nightmares about Suigintou, and another doll named Barasuishou is introduced.

Episode 2: Enju - Enju

The appearance of the seventh doll indicates that the Alice Game might end soon. The only problem is that Shinku thinks Barasuishou is lying about something. Jun worries about Shinku and visits the doll maker, Enju.

Episode 3: Kanaria - Kanarienvogel

Kanaria, who is the second doll of the Rozen Maiden, appears with a plan to steal Shinku’s Rosa Mysticae.

Episode 4: Contract - Vereinbarung

Jun and the dolls end up in Barasuishou’s world. Suiseiseki and Jun form a contract together.

Episode 5: Letter - Der Brief

Suiseiseki sets out to gain Jun’s respect. Souseiseki tries to maintain order in the house, and Kanaria attempts to break in again.

Episode 6: Angel - Engel

Megu is hospitalized with an incurable illness and, while she wishes for death, enters into a contract with Suigintou.

Episode 7: Tea Party - Teegesellschaft

Souseiseki begins to see a deeper meaning of the Alice Game. Kanaria decides to fight to keep her medium happy and to keep herself alive.

Episode 8: Doll Maker - Puppenmacher

After seeing Enju and hearing his feelings about the dolls, Jun questions his own feelings for them as well. Souseiseki soon understands the meaning of the Alice Game.

Episode 9: The Reproach - Der Tadel

Suiseiseki fights Barasuishou and Suigintou. She is subsequently defeated, and Suigintou takes her Rosa Mysticae.

Episode 10: Tomoe - Tomoe

Souseiseki and Hinaichigo both face a tragic fate. Mourning must be delayed, as a trap has been set for Jun and the remaining dolls.

Episode 11: Rose Garden - Rozengarten

The remaining dolls battle it out with Barasuishou and Suigintou. Things go awry, leaving Shinku to face off with Barasuishou.

Episode 12: Alice - Alice

The battles are done, the conflicts resolved. A startling connection between Barasuishou and Enju is revealed. The dolls of the Rozen Maiden will soon be revived.

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