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Rozen Maiden (Season 1)

Boys aren’t supposed to play with dolls… But what happens when the dolls start playing with the boys?  Remember those nightmares you had as a child, where your toys came to life?  That’s the reality Jun Sakurada suddenly finds himself in when Shinku arrives in a box. Get ready for a whole new kind of ‘guys and dolls’ in ROZEN MAIDEN!

Drama Fantasy Supernatural

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Rose Maiden - Fräulein Rose

A young boy who has decided to separate himself from the outside world becomes a medium for Shinku, the fifth Rozen Maiden, after receiving a mysterious doll in the mail.

Episode 2: Small Berry - Kleine Beere

Tomoe, the medium for Hinaichigo, the sixth Rozen Maiden, has become weakened due to the contact they maintain. Meanwhile, Shinku goes to the portal world were the dolls much fight each other.

Episode 3: Mercury Lamp - Mercury Lampe

Hinaichigo now lives with Jun and Nori, becoming Shinku's servant due to her loss in the Alice Game. Jun and Nori try to figure out what unyu is, which is what Hinaichigo calls her favorite food. Meanwhile, Suigintou, the first doll of the Rozen Maiden, appears, encountering Shinku and Hinaichigo.

Episode 4: Jade Stone - Jade Stern

Suiseiseki, the third doll of the Rozen Maiden, is introduced from a flying box that barges into Jun's room. She takes everyone to Jun's dream world, which is actually a lifeless domain filled with memories of Jun's past. The doll also shows them how everyone has a soul tree that grows inside them.

Episode 5: Stairs - Die Treppe

Hinaichigo and Jun must battle Suiseiseki and Shinku to get to the truth of who took Hinaichigo's strawberry from her strawberry cake.

Episode 6: Tears - Tränen

Suigintou has taken Hinaichigo hostage, forcing Jun, Shinku, and Suiseiseki to enter Suigintou's realm to save her. The task forces Shinku to her breaking point.

Episode 7: Dream - Träume

In order to save Shinku, Jun must confront his pathological fear of middle school to retrieve a book from there.

Episode 8: Lapis Lazuli Stone - Lapisalazuri Stern

Souseiseki is the fourth doll of the Rozen Maiden. She lives with an old man who sees her as his late son; because of this heartbreaking situation, she chooses to live with him rather than her own sister, Suiseiseki.

Episode 9: Cage - Die Gefängnis

Suigintou takes control of Motoharu's dream world, trapping Jun and the dolls inside, as she makes a grab for the twins' powers.

Episode 10: Separation - Abschied

Shinku wagers her life in a chance to win Suigintou's Rosa Mystica.

Episode 11: Destiny - Schicksal

Suigintou takes an unfair advantage in his battle against Shinku by sealing Jun into his dream world.

Episode 12: Pure Ruby - Reiner Rubin

The battle has left Jun changed forever, but has he changed for the better?


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