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Hibiki Amami isn't what you'd call a normal high-school girl. She's rather eccentric do to her sixth sense that allows her to see and communicate with ghosts. Her days are never exactly normal which works out fine since, neither are her classmates. Most of whom completely accept Hibiki's gift, but her classmate Narumi Inoue refuses to believe no matter how much proof she sees. As Hibiki lives out her school days she finds herself making new irreplaceable friends, living or dead.


Episodes (13)

Episode 1: I Can See Them

Hibiki Amami tries to fit in at her new school but her sixth sense doesn’t make this easy. Most of her classmates accept her abnormal behavior but Inoue remains skeptical.

Episode 2: They Are My Friends

Amami's having trouble sleeping and it looks like a cat is to blame. However after hearing about a haunting, Amami confesses to her friends the real reason she can’t sleep.

Episode 3: Delicious Omelet

Amami tries to help Inoue with her younger cousin. Every time Inoue tries to make his favorite meal he refuses to eat it. Could there be something missing?

Episode 4: Summer Means The Beach

Amami and her friends learn that even the beach has ghosts. While there they meet Yamada's older brother but this isn't the first meeting for Esumi.

Episode 5: The Legendary School Festival

The school culture festival is on! As Amami works beside her friends to make their haunted house legendary, the group meets her father. He and Inoue have something in common.

Episode 6: A Super Duper Holy Night

To help a ghost, Amami is extremely generous with her Christmas giving! The good news is that it may help more than the ghost.

Episode 7: A Busy New Year

When the group sees Amami stumbling down the street, they worry that her inability to turn off her sixth sense is harming her health. They decide to ask her father for help.

Episode 8: We All Play Together

The ghost of a young girl is unable to remember any part of her life or death. Amami and the samurai are concerned she may just fade away instead of moving on.

Episode 9: The Secret Valentine

Valentine's Day is getting closer, and when Amami’s friends find out she’s making homemade sweets, they’re curious just who they could be for.

Episode 10: We’re Now In Our Second Year

The new school year begins and Amami and the gang are second years! Amami, wanting to be a good mentor, tries to help the underclassman, but her ghostly comrades scare them!

Episode 11: This Is My Wish

The Star Festival is a time for wishes! Amami has a wish to see someone very special to her. But if the wish comes true, the consequences could be tragic.

Episode 12: We are All Connected

Amami quickly becomes depressed over the sudden disappearance of certain friends. Her living friends don’t know what they can do to cheer her up, or how to help.

Episode 13: Summer Memories

Amami is surprised by her living friends as they organize a special get together at an amusement park! A sleepover at Amami’s house marks a perfect end to the day.