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Re: Hamatora

Having the incredible powers that come with being a Minimum Holder can be a huge advantage to a private detective firm like Hamatora, but how can anyone stop someone who can both come back from the dead AND steal your powers at the same time? It's Rock - Paper-Scissors but with super powers as Minimum Holder takes on Minimum Holder in RE: HAMATORA!

Melancholy of Hero

The members of detective agency Hamatora mourn their fallen comrade, Nice. The somber mood doesn’t last long, as the action picks up with a new case.

Art Returns

Ratio and Birthday track Chiyuu down to a club where they meet a group of Minimum Holders by the name ‘Freemum.’

Madness Flower

The Minimum Holders of Yokohama are having their abilities stolen by Art, leading to strange personality changes in the victims.

For Whom Talent

Honey leaves Café Nowhere after her regression. Soon after she receives a bodyguard request.

Buddy's Wishes

Nice and Murasaki pursue Honey’s captors, but Art’s sudden appearance throws a wrench into their efforts.


After some investigative work, Nice and Murasaki learn what Gasuke was up to before his death and who attacked the police station.

Emergency Room 24 Hours

As the Café Nowhere gang visit a recovering Murasaki, Art begins planning his next move…

Worst Promise & Best Memory

After learning that her ability is the cause of the strange side effects on Minimum Holders, Hajime begins to remember her past.

Symphony in the Moonlight

The Cafe Nowhere group are forced into joining a play put on by their local shopping district. Meanwhile, Freemum continues their expansion.

For Whom to Duel

After Birthday gets hospitalized, Chiyuu returns to the group, disoriented, from the Freemums.

End of Yokohama

With the Freemums sphere of influence growing, Minimum Holders from all across Japan converge on Yokohama to petition the government.

Ego (Resolution)

All of the questions surrounding Nice's childhood in Facultas, those who lost their Minimum, and the nature of Ego come to a head in this final episode!