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Qwaser of Stigmata II

The relationship between a Qwaser and his Maria is strange, but as the battle for the High Circuit escalates, an unexpected question arises: can exposure to superpowers be contagious? The answer may be deadly as Miyuri goes through an unexpected transformation! While Sasha slowly recovers from amnesia, Elizabeth must choose between Shin'ichiro and her friends. The survival of each pairing ultimately depends upon the courage within each maiden's breasts in Qwaser of Stigmata!

Action Comedy Drama Mature Romance Sci-Fi Supernatural

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: The Lilly Princess Of Silver

Sasha and Hana infiltrate an all girl's school in search of "The Magdala of Thunder."

Episode 2: The Location of the Magdalene

Tsubasa avenges the honor of the girls at the academy.

Episode 3: The Trap of Quartz

Elements collide in a battle that breaks out at the academy.

Episode 4: The Cage of Thorns

Determined to save Tsubasa at all costs, Miyuki heads to the virtual world to do battle.

Episode 5: The Witch's Living Sacrifice

The silicate user harnesses the Magdalene of Thunder, will he be stopped?

Episode 6: Reunion

The girls band together to make one last stand against the silicate user.

Episode 7: Breast Divination of Madame Lily

Personal information about the student body is being stolen and traded to creepy men.

Episode 8: The Beautiful Contender

Sasha and Jeter challenge each other in a game of skill.

Episode 9: The Exciting Founding Celebrations

Students and townspeople gather at St. Mihailov Academy for an annual festival.

Episode 10: Stigmata * Qwaser

Big Ma'am challenges Sasha to refrain from drinking Soma.

Episode 11: A Night of the Iron Spring 2~ Suck It and Be Surprised

Big Ma'am trains the students to become stronger than the Adepts.

Episode 12: The Calm Before the Storm & the Wheels of Fate Begin to Turn

Dead set on getting the Noah of Gold, the Athos Punishment Enforcement Group Meteora creates a Nosferatu Worm to infect and control the girls in order to do their bidding.


Episode 13 (2 min)


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