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Qwaser of Stigmata

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When Mafuyu and her sister rescue a wounded man, they have no idea what they’re getting into. Alexander Nikolaevith Hell is an Iron Qwaser, one of many super-warriors who use the elements as weapons. Unfortunately, Alexander’s presence puts her friends and family amid a battle for the fate of mankind! What’s worse, the nursing Mafuyu’s already given Alexander isn’t the only kind he needs! Get ready for one wild ride as the courage within a woman’s breast unleashes mayhem in The Qwaser of Stigmata!

Action Drama Mature Romance Supernatural

Episodes (24)

Episode 1 (25 min)

Quavering Night

Guest Subtitled

Opening with a brutal murder, this episode introduces us to the world of soma and its role in vitality!

Episode 2 (25 min)

Friendship of Masks

Guest Subtitled

Tomo tries to sleep off her fever. Meanwhile, Ayana shows her true colors!

Episode 3 (25 min)

The Seeker

Guest Subtitled

The Magnesium Qwaser's wrath is child's play compared to Mafuyu's rage! Later, Mafuyu discovers that housing Sasha is easier said than done!  

Episode 4 (25 min)

The Queen & I

Guest Subtitled

On a girl's day out, Tomo and Teresa are abducted, and Sasha must find them!  

Episode 5 (25 min)

Teresa's nightmare may be an ominous premonition of things to come. Father Yuri reveals information about Teresa's past, and Tomo later becomes involved in a hostage situation.

Episode 6 (25 min)

The Princess’ Egg

Guest Subtitled

Worried that powerful Qwasers will step in on the "Tsar's Crowning," Mafuyu begins searching for the coveted icon herself! Later, Miyuri offers herself up as erotic entertainment.  

Episode 7 (25 min)

Bleached White Maria

Guest Subtitled

Using another childhood memory, Mafuyu and Miyuri set out to find the "Tsar's Crowning." On their journey, helium wielding Qwasers attack them.

Episode 8 (25 min)

The Adepts are successful at turning Yuu into an oxygen-wielding Qwaser out to get Athos. However, a wrong choice from the Adepts will soon be their undoing.  

Episode 9 (25 min)

Teresa's negativity towards Yuu has soured her soma.

Episode 10 (25 min)

Mafuyu is having difficulty containing her mammaries. Meanwhile, a Qwaser named Joshua Phrygianos seeks revenge against the Qwasers who have mistreated him.

Episode 11 (25 min)

Witch’s Crucifix

Guest Subtitled

A set of sisters taunt a policewoman with BDSM cat-and-mouse games before brutally ending her. Shin'ichiro searches for clues to the location of the "Tsar's Crowning."

Episode 12 (25 min)

Stigmata Sword

Guest Subtitled

Hana persecutes Sasha and sets the stage for Mafuyu's abduction. Later, we learn that Eva Silver narrowly escaped death.

Episode 13 (25 min)

Sasha is abruptly promoted to mid-level element control.

Episode 14 (25 min)

If the fiasco at the hot springs wasn't strange enough, Miyuri stops a trio of molesters. Later, Sasha's amnesia begins to improve.

Episode 15 (25 min)

Anglo-Russian Entente

Guest Subtitled

Sasha wanders in his own thoughts while Elizabeth notices a rift beginning to form between her and Shin'ichiro.

Episode 16 (25 min)

Phoenix of Conviction

Guest Subtitled

Elizabeth is torn between her loyalty to Shin'ichiro and her friendships with Mafuyu and Tomo.

Episode 17 (25 min)

Gospel of Flames

Guest Subtitled

Things continue to go south as the Gold Qwaser takes Mafuyu captive.

Episode 18 (25 min)

Uroboros’ Trap

Guest Subtitled

Anxiety over Tomo's uncertain status increases.

Episode 19 (25 min)

Secret Garden

Guest Subtitled

Sasha figures out how to use Tasuku's powers to his advantage.

Episode 20 (25 min)

Figurehead Princess

Guest Subtitled

Sasha and Mafuyu desperately rifle through Shin'ichiro's research for clues to help secure the "Tsar's Crowning."

Episode 21 (25 min)

Aquatic Sanctuary

Guest Subtitled

The Adepts form an alliance with the Ancient Regime. Meanwhile, the Holy Aurum Qwaser declares that it's time to uncover the "Tsar's Crowning."

Episode 22 (25 min)

Trinity * Gehenna

Guest Subtitled

As the Tanner brothers are about to throw Mafuyu into an energy matrix around the Sanctuary, Sasha intervenes just in time!

Episode 23 (25 min)

Sasha, the Fatal One

Guest Subtitled

Everything is almost perfectly aligned for the Holy Aurum Qwaser to realize its master plan.

Episode 24 (25 min)

Sasha is at odds between duty and his feelings for Mafuyu; meanwhile, Miyuri tries to capitalize on Mafuyu's insecurity.


Episode 25 (2 min)


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