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Queen's Blade Rebellion

There's a fine line between a generous and noble ruler, and an oppressive tyrant heretic: a line easily crossed by the power hungry Queen Claudette. Amidst the chaos of the times, a new generation of warriors will assert themselves and bare their naked fury in open rebellion! The queen holds all the cards, however, with her Amazonian ranks ready and waiting to meet the rebels in open combat. But the incredible wits and assets of the dazzling array of daring damsels willing to risk their gorgeous skins and put their lithesome bodies on line against her, might just expose a few unexpected weaknesses in the queen’s support! The goal is clear and our band of buxom beauties aim to strip the queen from her throne in QUEEN’S BLADE: REBELLION!

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Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Warrior of the Resistance

Under the Queen's rule, the citizens of her kingdom have prospered; but there are always those hungry for the thrill of battle.  A new group of warriors emerges, and old grudges have resurfaced with them as the rebellion begins.

Episode 2: The Sacred War

While listening to the townspeople's many problems, Sigui has identified a supposed heretic through the arrogance of the accused.  All heretics must be burned, and this person is no exception.

Episode 3: The Moonlight from the Jungle and the Sun

Annelotte has traveled to the jungle to find the source of the fog.  While trudging through the brush, she befriends a tribe that believes her to be a knight of prophecy.

Episode 4: The Unstopping Hyper Vibration

Ymir has perfected her ultimate weapon: a suit that creates a force field with greater defensive power relative to the weapon striking it. Dubbed the Hyper Vibration Armor, this suit may end up being just what the Queen needs.

Episode 5: The Secret of the Castle at Gainos

While trying to sneak into the castle, Yuit and Annelotte come across a colosseum underneath the castle. In exchange for Annelotte entering the fights and winning, her backer will tell them where to find Ymir.

Episode 6: A Crown of Flowers and the Hidden Power

In a fight against Mirim, Annelotte shifts her form and becomes capable of withstanding Mirim’s growing powers.

Episode 7: The Flying Pirate Ship

Annelotte and Yuit experience déjà vu when they encounter the Dine-and-Dash duo. Incidentally, the duo are also in Tamia looking for Captain Liliana—the infamous pirate.

Episode 8: The Tempted Young Wife

Annelotte and her friends are now considered a resistance group. As Ymir makes more decisions for the Queen, a big question looms: who is really in charge?

Episode 9: A Samurai Arrives

Izumi protects a village that is special to her. When she mistakes Annelotte for a soldier of the Queen’s army, Annelotte soon becomes Izumi’s tutor.

Episode 10: An Angel, a Trap, and the Queen's True Motives

Annelotte finally resolves to find out what Queen Claudette truly desires. She is prepared to take down the Queen if her desires will bring harm to the people.

Episode 11: Wavering Spirit

Battles rage on at the Queen’s castle. Some of Annelotte’s sisters have emerged victorious; others have fallen in battle. Meanwhile, Ymir’s secret is finally revealed.

Episode 12: Bonds of the Rebellion

When the truths about the Thundercloud Queen and the Swamp witch are revealed, alliances with former foes are forged.

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