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Psychic Squad

They’re cute, adorable and three of the most powerful Espers the world has ever seen: Kaoru, the brash psychokinetic who can move objects with her mind; Shiho, the sarcastic and dark natured psychometric able to pick thoughts from people’s minds and read the pasts of inanimate objects like a book; and Aoi, the most collected and rational of the three, who has the ability to teleport herself and the others at will.  So what to do with these potential psychic monsters in the making?  Enter B.A.B.E.L., the Base of Backing ESP Laboratory, where hopefully “The Children” and others like them can become part of the answer to an increasing wave of psychic evolution.  It’s a win-win solution… Unless you’re Koichi Minamoto, the overworked young man stuck with the unenviable task of field commanding a team of three pre-teen girls! Will Koichi survive the experience?  Will the PLANET survive the experience?  Find out as the girls get meta-physical in the first totally mental collection of PSYCHIC SQUAD!

Action Comedy Romance Sci-Fi

Episodes (51)

Episode 1: Absolutely Lovely! Their Name is “The Children”

Kaoru Akashi, Aoi Nogami, and Shiho Sannomiya are a trio of Level 7 ESPers, each possessing their own special brand of ESP. Together they use their skills to prevent crime from happening. With the help of Koichi Minamoto, their new operations leader, they apprehend a criminal ESPer known as Muscle Okama.

Episode 2: Don’t Worry! The Soaring Tower of BABEL

Minamoto’s orientation of BABEL quickly turns critical. The Children are sent to prevent an in-flight plan from crash landing into a gas station. The crisis is averted…or so they think. A misstep on Kaoru’s part causes chaos to ensue anyway!

Episode 3: A Virtuous Person! Being an Esper is Tough

Minamoto settles into his new apartment. He is surprised to learn that The Children will now reside with him. Of course, he is in no way keen on the new arrangement and quickly becomes frustrated with the girls. They go to town to allow him to compose himself, but they find themselves compromised when they become hostages in a bank robbery.

Episode 4: Beautiful Spring Scenery! Go, Go Pretty Female High School Student

Naomi Umegae A.K.A. "Wild Cat," cannot control her powers in the field. Minamoto and The Children are assigned to find out why she is experiencing this difficulty. In order to discover the problem, Kaoru and Naomi engage in a psychic battle. However, it seems controlling her powers isn’t the problem; her intense resentment for Ichiro is.

Episode 5: Unpreparedness is Your Greatest Enemy! You Wouldn’t Normally Enter

The Children want to go to school, but their high psychic abilities forestall their attendance. Minamoto prepares a mission which will allow their admittance. During a school simulation, Kaoru uses her powers on one of the robotic children, which wouldn’t be a problem in a normal controlled environment…except these aren’t normal robots!

Episode 6: Superiority Quarrel! In Front of Your Classmates’ Eyes!?

The Children finally get to attend school, but they are closely monitored by BABEL. After a rogue eraser hits an anti-ESPer in the head, the student assumes Kaoru has psychically attacked him. Later, he realizes it wasn’t her and begins to suspect the presence of invisible people.

Episode 7: Very Ordinary! Restricted Children

A new device that disables psychic abilities is tested on The Children without their knowledge. Later, The Children and Minamoto walk into a trap set by the Normal People. Minamoto is tortured for sensitive information about BABEL. With their abilities blocked, The Children have no way to save themselves.

Episode 8: Hyobu Kousuke! What, He Showed Up?

An eighty-year old ESPer looks deceptively young due to unusual mutating cells. He is brought to a high security ESP prison, but his prodigious powers render the prison walls useless. Things quickly snowball out of control and leads to the escape of many prisoners.

Episode 9: Attractive Bodies! We’re Adults!?

The Children resent Minamoto for treating them like children. Kyosuke hypnotizes him into viewing them as adults.

Episode 10: Danger Awaits! Hurry BABEL 2!!

The Children’s new mission brings them to a special submarine called the BABEL 2. Kaoru quickly finds herself in danger and must be brought back to land. At this most inopportune moment, Kyosuke’s hypnosis reactivates on Minamoto.

Episode 11: Hot Springs! Shining Eyes in the Steam

The Chief sends the BABEL staff on a mountain vacation. Minamoto quickly suspects two foreigners of foul play. The calm vacation quickly turns into action packed crime fighting.

Episode 12: The Long Road Ahead! Teleporting Japan’s Future!!

Minamoto is charged with a very important mission to deliver materials to the Prime Minister. During the mission, Minamoto is captured and blamed for the espionage of someone else. After dealing with the spy, Aoi is angered when she learns the contents of the briefcase.

Episode 13: Family Disruption? Operation Paradise!!

The Children are assigned to write about their families. Intended as a benign assignment, things quickly get out of control for Kaoru and causes a rift between and her and her famous mother and sister. Things get worse when her family is abducted; Kaoru must bury her resentment long enough to save them.

Episode 14: Brilliant Minds?! The Children are Great Detectives!

Accosted by a trio of thugs one night, a young man makes a life decision to wield his newly-discovered Level 3 telekinesis as the vigilante Masked Justice.

Episode 15: The Golden Rule! Don't Run Away!!

The Japan Prime Minister, detecting the treachery of Colonel J.D. Grisham, summons B.A.B.E.L. with the order to apprehend the Comerican renegade.

Episode 16: A Promise is Worth Its Weight in Gold! Memories of a Distant Day…

After learning the real reason for Colonel Grisham’s deviation, the Psychic Squad joins him to satisfy a request of his close friend.

Episode 17: Survival of the Fittest! We're Gonna Eat You!

Level 4 metamorph Hatsune and level 4 metempsychosist Akira receive extra exam training from Minamoto to become members of B.A.B.E.L. After training, they begin to feel Minamoto is now neglecting them and decide to challenge the trio to make things right!

Episode 18: Passionate Love Comes to Light! The Children's Breakup Crisis!

After Aoi and Shiho begin dating two like-minded boys, Kaoru begins to feel left out. Even though Kaoru is unable to turn the girls against the guys, she does get to spend some time with Minamoto and go over memories of when the trio first met.

Episode 19: Runaway Angel! It Can't Be My Naomi…!

Naomi runs away after growing tired of Ichiro’s antics and meets a biker gang. With the help of the children and Minamoto, Ichiro is able to right his wrongs with Naomi!

Episode 20: Super Beast Cartoon! Sometimes, You Act Like an Animal…

Kaoru discovers the flying squirrel Momotaro, Kyosuke’s partner unconscious after being in an Accident. While Momotaro recovers at home, Minamoto uncovers information about Momotaro’s past, even the fact he had been harshly experimented on.

Episode 21: Jack of All Trades, Master of None! What's He So Mad About?!

Kyosuke's plan to have Kugutsu find out more information about Oboro gets him involved in a dubious project of Kaoru's

Episode 22: Create a Learning Environment! Minamoto's Been Gunned Down?!

Dr. Sakaki is suspected of being a spy. Minamoto conducts his own investigation to clear his name

Episode 23: Plot Twist! Stolen Away...!

Kyosuke assembles PANDRA; a young teleporter challenges Kaour out of jealousy

Episode 24: Stay At Home Dad! Cleaned...!

Mio and her companion kidnap Minamoto to lure the Children and Sakaki into a trap

Episode 25: A Prayer For An Easy Birth! Hello, Baby

The Children set out to rescue landslide victims. They find themselves in a sticky situation when they try to save a pregnant woman whose baby's ESP powers interfere with their own.

Episode 26: A Change of Prediction? The Future Dances!

The Children must protect Lieutenant Ikyuugo who has predicted his own death. While trying to prevent this prophecy from coming true, the Lieutenant shares a more ominous premonition about Kaoru.

Episode 27: Declaration of War! A Challenge from PANDRA

Minamoto and The Children receive aid from a mystery man who gives instructions to fight back against propagandists seeking to destroy The Children's reputation.

Episode 28: A Lady’s Special Charms! Tsubomi Kiss Alert

The true leader of B.A.B.E.L. awakens after ten years of slumber.

Episode 29: The Art of Coaxing! The Sea Closest to Heaven

Minamoto resigns from being The Children's guardian.

Episode 30: Enemies in the Same Boat! Safecracking is Systematic

The Children fall prey to a trap set by Normal People. Utilizing a new feature called "The Triple Boost," The Children combine their powers in order to escape.

Episode 31: World Heritage! C’mon, Shall We Go to Kyoto?

Aoi, Minamoto, and Ken undertake a special mission to protect Kyoto's World Heritage sites from vandalism.

Episode 32: A Rare Treat! Touch Me If You Can!

Sakaki cares for Kaoru and Shiho in Minamoto's absence, but he finds the task somewhat daunting.

Episode 33: Autumn Outing! The Lunch Box is in a Grove

The Children are on a field trip in the mountains when they encounter Mio, Momotaro, and Muscle.

Episode 34: Overrun With Pests! Minamoto Uses His Hands & Feet?!

The Children must contain a swarm of flies controlled by an ESPer. When Minamoto falls victim to the ESPer's control, The Children enlist Kyousuke to help them subdue the criminal.

Episode 35: Letting Your Feelings Hang Out! Hatsune Runs Away

Hatsune runs away from home, but finds herself stranded in an unlikely place.

Episode 36: No Boys Allowed! The Angel’s Afternoon

The Children uncover the reason behind Naomi's newly found bond with her teacher, Ruriko.

Episode 37: A Might Enemy Attacks! Black Phantom

P.A.N.D.R.A. rescues a political leader from assassination while The Children confront the enemy sniper.

Episode 38: The Butterfly's Dream! Dream Maker

Events begin to line up which indicate that Ikyuugo's premonition may soon become a reality.

Episode 39: Impermanent Existence! Psycho-Divers

Kaoru enters Minamoto's subconscious in order to bring him back to reality.

Episode 40: Tsubomi Mountain Retreat! Break In!

The girls once again begin to meddle in Minamoto's personal affairs and they soon remember how scary he is when he loses his temper.

Episode 41: Marital Vows! His Majesty’s Children!

Fujiko brings Minamoto and The Children to the Kingdom of Impalahem, where they are tasked to assist Prince Badjura in freeing his lover Sera from being possessed by a spirit.

Episode 42: Combination Complication! Fantastic Toy!

Kaoru is examined to determine possible damages from using the Triple Boost. Meanwhile, her friends are under attack by Tim Toy.

Episode 43: The Oddly Perfect Couple! Caroline, a Destined Reunion

Minamoto must decide between rescuing an acquaintance from his past or allowing Comerica to apprehend her.

Episode 44: Painful Parting! Goodbye Forever, Carry

The Children find the perfect way to intervene in the situation with Minamoto and Carry without damaging the relationship with the Comcerican government.

Episode 45: Natural Talents are Natural! Gift of Children

The Children help a young and powerful ESPer realize that he is not an abomination. As a result, they come under attack from the Normal People Organization.

Episode 46: Suspicion Raises Suspicion! The “Make It So” Book

When the girls find a notebook that will grant any wish written in it, they begin a game of  deceit to possess it.

Episode 47: Life’s Troubles are But a Dream! Memories of Tomorrow

Minamoto receives further warning that The Children will turn to evil in the future.

Episode 48: A Disturbance in the Force! The Phantom Menace

Kaoru takes a leave of absence after she loses control of her powers during a mission.

Episode 49: The Impermanence of Life! Huh? Minamoto Has Been...?!

Minamoto is brainwashed to regress to his childhood self. He spends time happily with the girls and contemplates remaining in his current condition indefinitely.

Episode 50: Giving It All You Have! Over the Future

Minamoto is tempted when offered a way to remain permanently as a child and have the cheerful school life he never had with the girls.

Episode 51: A Riot of Cherry Blossoms! Bye-Bye, Till We Meet Again

The members of P.A.N.D.R.A. hijack a luxurious ocean liner and make of it their new base of operations. Some years later, the now teenagers Kaoru, Aoi and Shiho graduate from elementary school.


Episode 53 (2 min)

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