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Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren't They?

In the world known as Little Garden, factions and communities compete for power via Gift Games, in which individuals with unusual abilities are set against each other. But where there are winners, there are also losers. A group of losers bring in outside recruits and gamble that their new abilities will somehow reverse the tide! Fortunately, all three of the new members are far more formidable than anyone can imagine. Before they can win the games, they’ll have to learn how to work together.

Action Comedy Fantasy

Episodes (10)

Episode 1: Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?

Three youngsters with special powers are invited to another world called the Little Garden, where they are offered the chance to play in the Gift Games.

Episode 2: Seems Crazy Like a Loli Clad in Japanese Clothing?

As Black Rabbit explains the situation to Izayoi, the girls meet with a representative of Fores Garo and make their first enemy.

Episode 3: Sounds Like We’re Doing All Sorts of Stuff in the Bath Together?

Jin and Izayoi make a side bet on the upcoming gift game that could affect the future of the No-Name community. In their first gift game, the rules weren’t agreed upon beforehand stacking the odds against them.

Episode 4: It Seems Some Pervert Is After Black Rabbit?

With their first victory, Izayoi has agreed to help Jin win back a former community member. But when that member attacks in the middle of the night things get off on the wrong foot.

Episode 5: The Oath Seems to be Beyond the Stars?

No-Names vs. Perseus; what seems like an easy win for Perseus is anything but. Izayoi finally gets the chance to go all out and does not disappoint those watching.

Episode 6: Looks Like the Problem Children are Participating in a Festival?

If Black Rabbit can’t catch the children before the day ends, they will leave the community. The children think they have the upper hand but Black Rabbit will show them!

Episode 7: Someone Might Get All Kissy with Asuka in the Dark?

The real reason for the No-Name community involvement with the succession ceremony is explained by a mysterious prophecy held by Shiroyasha.

Episode 8: It Seems That a Great Disaster Will Come with the Playing of a Flute?

The main Gift Game to celebrate the Rise of the Fire Dragon will be Ayesha Ignis Fatuus of Will-O-Wisp and Kasukabe You of the No-Names. Before the end of the celebration the prophecy will come true.

Episode 9: It Seems That the Smell of Death That Brings About Disaster is Growing Throughout the Town?

The game has been put on hold while accusations of misconduct are discussed. Asuka is given a gift from the Fairies.

Episode 10: It Seems That the Problem Children Prove Who’s on Top?

Izayoi has figured out the riddle of the “Pied Piper of Hamelin” as Asuka shows off her new friend.


Episode 12 (1 min)


Episode 11 (2 min)


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