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Princess Resurrection

No good deed goes unpunished, so when Hiro Hiyorimi tries to save a beautiful young woman from certain death, he ends up a bit dead himself! Now normally a corpse is a corpse, of course, of course; but when the girl you’ve saved is the daughter of the King of the Monsters, there’s no such thing as resting in peace! Pulled back from the grave to join Hime’s monstrous retinue of servants and sycophants, Hiro must now follow in the wake of carnage and destruction that trails his chainsaw wielding mistress as she battles the various rogue werewolves, vampires, zombies that make her life (and his post-death) a living hell! She’s the ghoul your mother warned you about and she wants your body in PRINCESS RESURRECTION!

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Episodes (26)

Episode 1: Princess Resurrection

While out looking for his sister, Hiro performs a selfless act that costs him his life. Luckily, no good deed goes unrewarded.

Episode 2: Princess Destruction

Hiro's first day of school does not go well. Later, he discovers that he is immortal... at least halfway!

Episode 3: Princess Rampage

Hime needs more servants as the two she has are not enough to do all her fighting. Liza Wildman is a half breed girl who saves Hiro from being killed by a truck. Her brother was murdered and she seeks to avenge his murder by trying to kill Hime.

Episode 4: Princess Negotiation

Lize meets Hime and Hiro at Hime's vacation home on the lake. Soon they are attacked by fish people from the lake who are seeking immortality from Hime.

Episode 5: Princess Blood Relationship

Reirei befriends Hime at school, but her intentions aren't what they seem to be.

Episode 6: Princess Alliance

Hime's sister, Sherwood, proposes a truce between the two of them. When Hime refuses, she and her allies are attacked by a plant monster.

Episode 7: Princess Lightning

Hero is kidnapped by a doctor that wants to run some experiments on him. Hime begins to worry that Hiro's life force will soon run out so she rushes in to save him from the doctor.

Episode 8: Princess Secret Room

Riza, Hiro and Hime get stranded out due to a mudslide. They end up staying at the same motel as Reirei.

Episode 9: Princess Monochrome

Francesca comes to visit Sherwood and brings a panda with her. The panda promises to serve Sherwood, but she refuses his offer until he can prove himself.

Episode 10: Princess Recollections

Flan goes  shopping  and returns with a beat up android named Ceil. Hime lets Ceil live at the mansion with them; in return Ceil starts to do various things around the house for Hime.

Episode 11: Princess Cat Tongue

On his way back home from school one day, Hiro picks up a white kitten and brings it into the mansion. Shortly thereafter traps start showing up around the mansion.

Episode 12: Princess Consumption

A monster Pharoah and his group of mummies attack the mansion looking for Hime. Hime and Sawawa can not defend themselves because they took  medicine that knocked them out for the evening. Riza, Hiro, and Sherwood now have to protect Hime's life.

Episode 13: Princess Sacrifice

Hime and Hiro go out for a drive and end up lost. They arrive in the Askasabi Village where a mass murder is going on. While trying to escape from an attack on her life, Hime hurts her foot.

Episode 14: Princess Running

Riza races against a ghost on the Sasaki Pass.

Episode 15: Princess Visiting

Hiro's friends become jealous that he lives with three women, so his friends ask Hime if they can come be her servants as well. Hime tells them that they have to pass a test first.

Episode 16: Princess Succession

Riza has become frustrated with her training. She decides to go to the lake mansion and meets up with Aron.

Episode 17: Aging Princess

A witch from the black forest that is seeking youth decides to try and take Hime's and Sherwood's spirit.

Episode 18: Hunter Princess

A vampire hunter shows up in the city.

Episode 19: Princess Ocean

Hime, Hiro and Riza have to find a way out of a haunted ship.

Episode 20: Princess Unity

A vampire by the name of Duke Dracul captures Hime.

Episode 21: Princess Banishment

Hiro and Buchi are worried about Reirei since she did not come to school. They decide to go visit her and see that she is being attacked.

Episode 22: Princess Slaughter

Hime and her team must defend themselves from a pack of werewolves.

Episode 23: Princess Spirit

Hime and her team set out to discover who sent the pack of werewolves and Duke Dracul after them.

Episode 24: Princess Duel

Hime has to appear before a Judge, as she has been accused of using some zombies.

Episode 25: Princess Delinquent

Flandre goes on a rampage and seems to attack anyone that approaches her, including Hime. Guessing that Flandre is self-destructing, the group in vain tries to stop her.

Episode 26: Princess Coma

Hime, Hiro, Riza and Reiri are trapped in a nightmare world. They struggle to find a way out of the dream as they are constantly attacked by imaginary enemies.

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