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Photo Kano

During Kazuya Maeda’s first year of high school he felt like another forgotten face shuffling through the crowded hallways. This year, things will be different due to the new girl magnet hanging from his neck: the digital SLR he just received! But will having a camera be enough to make him click with the ladies? If he stays focused and makes them look good, it might be! So tune in and see how things “develop!”

Comedy Romance

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: Encounter

Kazuya receives a digital camera, and he thinks it's the ticket to a new life! And he might be right because he's already received an invite to the Photography Club!

Episode 2: School Paradise

Haruka asks Kazuya to take pictures of her swimsuit. Ooh la la!

Episode 3: Profusion of Flowers

Kazuya is making many new friends, but in order to protect an old friend, he must put flirting aside!

Episode 4: My Feelings Henceforth

Kazuya is taking full advantage of his blackmail material on Aki Muroto.

Episode 5: Mismatched Romance

Kazuya and Haruka's relationship is progressing, but everyone around Haruka tells her she can do better, prompting Kazuya to wonder if he should let her go.

Episode 6: These Feelings are Vastly...

Haruka and Kazuya finally kiss and make up.  With the school festival coming up and the Photography Club's Miss Photogenic Gallery right around the corner, how will Haruka react to an entire gallery of just her?

Episode 7: Star’s Smile

Hikari Sanehara, who enjoys scenery shots in photo club and rarely cracks a smile is the next target in a stealth photo session that must go uninterrupted.

Episode 8: Gaze into Her True Face

As Kazuya blackmails Aki with his picture of her sneaking onto campus, he begins to catch a glimpse of the real Aki.

Episode 9: A Letter of Challenge for Love

Nonoka has to goals: to master the rise ball and to win Kazuya’s heart!

Episode 10: An Angel's Dance

After finding those "dirty" magazines with Kazuya, Mai Sakura begins to blackmail him into doing her favors for her.

Episode 11: The School Bride

Kazuya promises to help recruit members for the Cooking Workshop, but time is of the essence!

Episode 12: Photograph Memory

Kazuya wants to help Tomoe realize that she is beautiful.

Episode 13: Mutual Feelings

While the parents are away, the kids will play: Kazuya realizes that he may have the hots for his sister Kanon. His life will never be the same.


Episode 14 (2 min)


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