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Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation

Itsuki Tachibana is just one of the many students at the illustrious Seiga Academy. However, his life changes completely when the lovely Rina Izumi, Seiga Academy’s flawless student council president, hand-picks him to be her vice president! There’s just one catch: in order to completely fulfill his role, Itsuki must master the online game PSO2, or Phantasy Star Online 2! As Itsuki takes his first tentative steps into the game, little does he know the secrets that lie in wait for him…

The RPG that starts with “Nice to Meet You”

Itsuki Tachibana is just okay at everything he does. Thus, he’s confused when he’s appointed student council vice president, but even more so when he's given his first job!

The Isolated Warrior

Itsuki might be getting a bit too into the game. After an incident with SORO, he takes a step back until the odd new transfer student helps him realize something about PSO2.


Itsuki’s friend Kota introduces him to role-play and playing in a party. When a “troll” threatens this new experience, Itsuki thinks there’s a reason for his demeanor.

Phantasy Star Offline

Itsuki heads to an offline PSO2 event with Rina, and they meet some of the friends they met in game. However, something mysterious is happening that no one is yet aware of.


Itsuki’s friends are noticing Aika Suzuki’s odd behavior, and, despite spending time with Itsuki and Rina IRL, Aika becomes more of an enigma when they play PSO2 with her.

PSO2 Forbidden

Due to his falling grades, Itsuki’s stuck studying and forbidden from PSO2 even while at a hot spring. On top of that, Itsuki’s friend, Last Samurai, sees something odd.


When the student council member Mika goes missing, Aika begins questioning other students about her involvement in PSO2.

Turning Point

Itsuki becomes obsessed with Aika’s whereabouts, which troubles Rina. However, as he tracks Aika in game and IRL, Itsuki finds more than he ever bargained for.

Discharge Notice

Enamored with his new abilities, Itsuki is fighting more than he should, despite Aika’s warning, and the price of his brash actions may be not his own life, but another’s.


As the school festival begins, everything looks like it is going perfectly. However, a Darker appears to attack Itsuki and Rina, and help may arrive too late!

Dark Falz

Aika and Itsuki venture into PSO2 to find Rina, but a host of Darkers is waiting for them. Just as they can barely fight anymore, help arrives in an unexpected form.

The RPG That Overcomes Boundaries

Itsuki and Aika fight against the final form of Dark Falz in hopes of making it back for the after party. When the dust settles, will Itsuki’s life ever be “normal” again?