TV-14 - TV Series
Pet Shop of Horrors

There is a very unique pet shop in Chinatown. Be careful of what you get though because a lot can go wrong. You must follow the rules laid out by the shop's owner or beware. There have been a string of inexplicable customer deaths, so Detective Orcot sets out to find out why.

Horror Mystery Supernatural

Episodes (4)

Episode 1: Daughter

A couple who has lost their daughter goes to Count D to purchase a rare rabbit that reminds them of their daughter.

Episode 2: Delicious

A couple is about to get married on a cruise ship when she accidentally falls overboard and her body can not be found. Jason is heart broken and orders a pet that looks like is deceased fiancee.

Episode 3: Despair

An out of work actor goes to Count D to purchase a pet reptile after his wife leaves him. Count D gives him a very rare reptile known as a Medusa.

Episode 4: Dual

An assistant to a politician goes to Count D to purchase a Kirin in hopes that it will grant her a wish to make him president of the United States.

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