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Pet Girl of Sakurasou, The

Banished from normal housing for adopting stray cats, Sorata Kanda is impounded in Room 101 of Sakura Dormitory with the troublemakers and weirdos! Meanwhile, Mashiro Shiina in Room 202 is the cat’s meow of the art world, but she’s so dysfunctional that she needs a full-time keeper to survive. Given Sorata’s weakness for taking in—sometimes not completely loveable—creatures, he takes over Mashiro’s grooming, feeding, and general domestication. Who’s on whose leash becomes anybody’s guess! "Heavy Petting" is redefined in The Pet Girl of Sakurasou!

Adventure Comedy Drama Romance

Episodes (24)

Episode 1: Cat-White-Mashiro

Sorata is a normal student living in an abnormal dorm and he wants desperately to escape. However, his plans are put on hold when a new student moves in.

Episode 2: I Drew a Picture

Sorata is tasked with watching over Shiina Mashiro, but her naivety is creating many problems for him.

Episode 3: So Close and Yet So Far…

Sorata’s determination to move out of Sakura hall is questioned by his dorm mates. As he tries to distance himself from Shiina, a rumor causes him to race to her side.

Episode 4: A World of Changing Colors

Big changes are happening at the Hall when Sorata finally makes his decision. Will the other residents admit their true feelings, too?

Episode 5: The Serious Girl of Sakura Hall

A new girl is moving into Sakura Hall, and things are going to get even more awkward.

Episode 6: The Blue After the Rain

Nanami has overworked herself with taking care of Shiina, her jobs, and voice acting school. Her midterm presentation is coming up, and she is in no shape to take it.

Episode 7: Her Homesickness

If Mashiro and Nanami weren't enough, Sorata has to deal with someone who has known him all his life. The jealousy between these three rivals will bring Sorata to his knees.

Episode 8: Set Off a Huge Firework

Sorata has based the first round of the game competition! His time is now devoted to mastering his oral presentation and dealing with Mashiro's newly found interest in discovering what love is.

Episode 9: The Fall Storm is Here

Mashiro's English school friend, Rita, turns up on the doorstep to flip everyone's world upside down. Meanwhile, the gang finally meets the elusive occupant of Room 102: Akasaka Ryunosuke!

Episode 10: Hate Hate, Love

Work becomes backlogged, and the group decides that bringing in an additional artist is the solution. However, no one can match Mashiro's one but Rita.

Episode 11: Milky Way Cat, Nyapollon

The festival has begun, but a last minute change has everyone fumbling around trying to accommodate the new change.

Episode 12: The Power of Love in the Culture Festival

Milky Way Cat, Nyapollon is going off without a hitch until the spotlight is cast on the audience!

Episode 13: One Step Before Winter

The Sakura House residents ride their fame until it begins to fade, and suddenly the desire for love fills its place.

Episode 14: The Windows and Lights of Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve will be a night of truth. Unfortunately it will spell heartbreak for more than one person.

Episode 15: Where is My Usual Self?

Sorata takes in the Sakura Hall gals, but he finds himself competing with his father and sister.

Episode 16: I've Always Loved You

Sorata hopes all his hard work and dedication will be evident when he finally gives his pitch.

Episode 17: Valentine's Day is Chocolate Day

When Mashiro invites Sorata to the roof on Valentine's Day, his mind is a flurry with possibility. But when an emergency phone call comes from Nanami, the plan changes.

Episode 18: First Love With An Alien

Jin's and Misaki's friends scurry to bring the pair together.

Episode 19: There's No Place Like Sakura Hall

Sorata recollects his first days at Sakura Hall.

Episode 20: In Order to Keep Saying We're Home

The residents campaign to save Sakura Hall.

Episode 21: It's Not Anyone's Fault That It Rains

Dreams are nice and necessary. But there's a point when one must relieve a dream and face reality.

Episode 22: Run Through Those Sparkling Days

Mahiro is the reason for Sakura Hall's closure. She readies herself to leave school as the residents desperately search for her.

Episode 23: Graduation Ceremony

The group prepares for graduation. Get ready for an emotional ride!

Episode 24: Welcome to Sakura Hall

A new school year begins and brings with it new faces.


Episode 25 (2 min)


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