TV-14 - OVA
Patlabor The Mobile Police - The Original OVA Series

Rapidly advancing technology creates giant robots known as "Labors." No matter how useful they are, some people intend to use them for crime, resulting in the the need for a new branch of law enforcement dedicated to regulating Labors. As the newest recruit of the Special Vehicles Divison, Izumi Noa is swept into a series of adventures.

Action Comedy Sci-Fi

Second Unit, Move Out!

With the impending shipment of three new labors stuck in traffic, the new recruits must make do with two older labors to defeat a formidable opponent who is terrorizing the town.

Long Shot

As the arrival date of the mayor of New York City draws near, the Labor unit, with the help of exchange officer Sgt. Kanuka Clancy, set up and prepare reinforcements for the impending attacks from the Terror networks who oppose the Babylon Project.

The 450 Million-Year-Old Trap

A creature from a genetic experiment escapes into Tokyo bay and its up to the Labors to put a stop to it's rampage.

L’s Tragedy

During a routine hostage rescue, the recruits use excessive force and are punished by being sent back to the training academy.

SV 2’s Longest Day ~ Part 1

During the SV2's vacation, the Decisive Action Unit implements a siege on Tokyo.

SV 2's Longest Day ~ Part 2

Goto sets forth a plan using the Labors and SV2 to deceive and out wit Mr. Kai and end his siege over Tokyo.

SV 2, To the North!

A truck carrying a mysterious container from Germany is smuggled into Japan. After it is stolen twice and heads across Japan, the SV2 are dispatched out to stop it. Who could be behind this? Is this just a random criminal act or is there something far more sinister in the works?

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