TV-14 - OVA
Patlabor The Mobile Police - The New Files OVA's

Thrust into a strange war, the unit is faced with the ultimate challenge. The final chapter unravels the lives of all of Noa, Momoko and other favorites in the series and culminates in a battle with the most menacing enemy the platoon has ever faced, Griffin.

Griffon Resurrected

Utsumi and Bud return to Japan for another challenge. Detective Matsui makes discoveries about Labor specialists and as more information surfaces, the Patlabors are in imminent danger.

Schaft’s Counterattack

Noa has a toothache and Asuma has the best of intentions. A stolen Labor is reported and Noa may be holding everyone back.

Greatest Showdown in History

What's left of Division 1 Labors contribute to the rising tension. Noa is afraid of the Griffin while the relationship between Utsumi and Kumagami is being questioned elsewhere.

Game Over

A hostage situation demands the team's attention and Goto has a unique idea that could be the perfect solution.

A Miserable Day

The Griffin is a menace to Division 2 and Momoko can't wait to tell the full story. Goto and Kamagumi have other plans for her to help identify the Labor specialists.

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What do you get when a 40-gallon drum attached to a propane tank explodes? A trip to the bath house of course! Suspects of multiple bombings are being tracked down, but Division 2 realizes that they're in search of a person with a super-specific and odd trait. Can they find the one with the hidden moles?

Black Trinary

Noa's battery is low and the Griffin is quickly gaining ground! Kurosaki consider's using a bomb while Kumagami is looking for Utsumi in the hotel. Can this chaos come to a halt?

Seven Days of Fire

Can mechanics fix a labor overnight? Do they deserve a private life after they get busted with loads of inappropriate magazines and distractions? Find out what happens when discipline leads to revolt!


Kanuka prefers her privacy and Kumagami doesn't see what the big deal is. If Division 2 is able to mediate the argument, they may not feel as compelled to drink themselves into a stupor, but how likely is that?

It’s Called Amnesia

Ota's dreams are getting a little too intense. Goto tries to make sense of it all and track Ota down before he hurts himself, or anyone else.

Goma Who Came With the Rain

Noa finds a cute surprise inside a cardboard box and tries to keep her labor of love a secret. The rescue interferes with a mission and things go badly.

Our Karuizawa

Goto explores his affection toward Shinobu when they are thrown into a strange situation where they are forced to stay in a motel together.

The Dungeon Again

An albino alligator in the Toykyo Zoo and an escapee from a mental institution make for a wild ride in this episode full of surprises!

Snow Rondo

Asuma is invited to a school reunion and when he runs into an old crush, thins get awkward. At the crime scene Noa has to make some tough decisions that might be affected by Asuma's reunion after all.

Woman Who Came From the Stars

Noa has a rough day that only gets worse, she discovers a whole base where aliens are a real enemy and Earth is under attack.

All Quiet in the Second Unit

While Division 2 are on vacation, the team is finding it hard to stay away from work and Ota decides to try and impress the new cadets at the Police Academy.