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Patlabor The Mobile Police (TV)

Heavy robots called "labors" are used for construction, fire-fighting, military, and more. The robots are machines and their operators are only human! To combat the illegal use of "labors," the police use advanced patrol labor units called "patlabors". Join the Second Special Vehicles Division on their crime fighting mission!

Action Comedy Sci-Fi

Episodes (47)

Episode 1: Ingram Activated

Division 2 must upgrade its Labor when they wreck it during an arrest. Meanwhile, someone steals the new Patlabor, and Noa sets out to recover it.

Episode 2: Kanuka Has Come

Division 2 is sent to the Police Academy for training where everyone begins to wonder if the woman meant to instruct them may actually be vying for a pilot position.

Episode 3: This is SV2

The crew enjoys their off time by fishing, farming, and gardening. Unfortunately, this down time is interrupted when Ota sinks his Labor.

Episode 4: Head to the Mountain of Mystery!

A group of hikers find a damaged Labor in the forest, but by the time they report it to the police, the Labor has mysteriously vanished!

Episode 5: Runaway Labor X-10

The military has tried to disguise a Labor in an experimental operation. Division 2 must stop the rogue Labor before it destroys the first city it encounters!

Episode 6: The Tower: SOS

A routine building inspection goes awry. With the building going up in flames, Division 2 steps in to help.

Episode 7: Glorious Type 97 Modified

Division 1 is ready to utilize a new Labor prototype, but something soon doesn't seem right.

Episode 8: Elusive Green

Noa, Asuma, and Hiromi are sent to investigate possible sabotage in the Onifuri Village.

Episode 9: Red Labor Landing

Public Safety agents seek help on a case. An ex-military Labor pilot turns terrorist, and the agents will the help of Division 2.

Episode 10: Eve's Trap

Kanuka's grandmother goes missing on Christmas Eve.

Episode 11: Eve's Terror

Noa battles the Brocken Labors while Kanuka and Ota's Labors are defeated. Later, Ota is captured while Noa is forced to retreat.

Episode 12: Ohta's One Troubled Afternoon

Ota's aunt sets him up with a beautiful young woman. The first meeting is disastrous to put it lightly. Much to Ota's surprise, the young beauty wants to see him again.

Episode 13: Gently, Your Highness

When a desert prince joins Division 2, they must protect him when a sniper tries to kill him!

Episode 14: You Win

The team goes out for a drink in an attempt to get to know each other better.

Episode 15: The Whale That Sang a Song

When an endangered humpback whale enters Tokyo Bay, Division 2 must get the whale to leave the bay without harming it.

Episode 16: The Unit Crosses the Sea

Division 2 helps out at a winter festival in Noa's hometown.

Episode 17: Target, Chief Goto

Goto is acting very strange, and the team seeks to uncover why.

Episode 18: I Love Noa-Senpa

A famous entertainer named Kana joins Division 2 for one week. Noa is mistakenly kidnapped, and Division 2 sets out to save her.

Episode 19: Shadow in Geo-Front

When a terrorist plants a bomb, it's up to Division 2 to disarm it.

Episode 20: Movement in the Dark

Noa and Asuma have a fight, and Division 2 is assigned a special mission.

Episode 21: Phantom Again

Asuma sets out to rescue Unit 3; meanwhile, Noa and Ota have their butts handed to them by the enemy.

Episode 22: Labor & Flower

Noa and Kanuka meet with an older gentleman who has a unique Labor collection.

Episode 23: Kanuka’s Report

Kanuka says goodbye to Division 2 and sets out for America. Asuma, Ota, and the rest of the crew throw her a party.

Episode 24: Farewell, Kanuka

Kanuka is on her way to America, but there is a hijacker on her plane. How will she stop this lunatic without her gun?!

Episode 25: Storm of Spring

Shinshi takes over Kanuka's position in Division 2, but he is not as good at it.

Episode 26: I’m Takeo Kumagami

When Takeo Kumagami joins Division 2, Noa is worried that Goto will reassign positions.

Episode 27: A Calling Voice in the Dark

When the crew inherits an old mansion, they all start to see ghosts.

Episode 28: Suspicious Duo

Utsumi gives Bud a special labor called Griffon, which Bud will use against Noa.

Episode 29: SV2 Wiped Out!

Division 2 refuses to work until they receive their lunch!

Episode 30: Griffon was Here!

H.Q. plans to put in more divisions... which means getting rid of the Ingrams and replacing them with economy models.

Episode 31: Tragedy in Rain

Asuma and Noa test out the new economy model.

Episode 32: Reunion

Kanuka returns to Tokyo and temporarily takes command of Machine 1.

Episode 33: Hounds of SCHAFT

Noa and the crew learn that the Griffon's crash was staged!

Episode 34: The Battle of the Gate

Noa and Alphonse initiate battle with Bud and the Griffon.

Episode 35: Griffon Down

Noa and Alphonse continue to fight  the Griffon. Kanuka must go back to America.

Episode 36: Noa’s Adventure

Division 2 goes to the mountains for a week's worth of training. When Noa finds 20,000 Yen, she seeks out the money's owner.

Episode 37: I’m Selling Peace of Mind

Division 2 relies on the Patlabor Insurance to cover the cars they destroyed.

Episode 38: The Underground Mystery Tour

Ota and Shinshi investigate an old tunnel when all of their things go missing. When Division 2 loses contact with them, Noa, Asuma, Hiromi, and Takeo go searching for them.

Episode 39: Economy Model Plans

Noa, Ota, and Gomioka test the new production model labors!

Episode 40: Orders of the Coast Guard

Division 2 investigates claims that there is a monster on the beach.

Episode 41: Save the Terrorists

When two lousy terrorists set off a bomb in the wrong place, Division 2 must save them.

Episode 42: The Men Who Returned

Three old terrorists get together to steal some money.

Episode 43: The Working Girl

Noa is being interviewed on "The Working Girl" Show.

Episode 44: Long Live CLAT

Before Shige is supposed to go to New York, he gets hurt and instead dreams that he is there.

Episode 45: Vocational Options

Noa must decide whether or not to become a pilot for Helldiver. Meanwhile, she must apprehend a criminal without Alphonse.

Episode 46: His Name is Zero

After messing up a mission, Noa is worried that she will lose Alphonse.

Episode 47: Condition Green

Noa visits her hometown. Later, Divisions 1 and 2 must apprehend a terrorist without using weapons.


Episode 48 (2 min)


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