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Papillon Rose

Can high school student and part-time underwear model Tsubomi save Japan from the monstrous villainesses who seek to suck its men dry of... um... sexual energy? How do her talking cat Rama and the mysterious stranger who calls himself "Dandy Lion" fit into the picture? And just how many magic girls who fight evil in their underwear does Japan have anyway? They're not knock-offs, they're knock outs, and they're fighting wrongs in their thongs in PAPILLON ROSE!


Episodes (7)

Episode 1: Is Akiba Blooming?!

An impending Alien invasion is set to happen in the city of Akiba. The town's only hope is to be saved by the Papillion Soldiers. The problem is that the Papillion Soldiers now lead mundane lives and do not remember their past heroics.

Episode 2: Jasper and Gold Butterflies Dance in Akiba

Papillion Rose tries to convince Anne that she is Papillion Lily and that Shizuka is Papillion Margarette. Meanwhile, the Dark Advisor is sent down to Earth to speed up the modifications to the Forgotten Ones.

Episode 3: Our Seven-Hour War

The Dark Advisor declares war on Earth by mobilizing ground units against the Papillion Soldiers with hopes that the people of Earth will surrender.

Episode 4: Dance Once More, Jade Butterfly

The invaders send out the three headed Dragon in hopes that this ultimate force will be a match for the Papillion Soldiers. Later the girls visit Shinjuku to relax. It is here they learn about Papillion Dahlia.

Episode 5: The Crimson Butterfly Dies

The Papillion Soldiers realize that Dahlia wields the legendary Kusanagi sword and is under the enemies control. To get Dahlia back on their side they must fight her to relinquish the Kusanagi's control.

Episode 6: Akiba is on Fire

The girls learn that the sword drains the power of the sacred flower orb in their efforts to save Rose from eternal doom.

Episode 7: OVA: Tsubomi's Dreams Blossom in the Night

Determined to experience ecstasy, Regina Apis plans to suck out all of the pleasure from the world.

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