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Outbreak Company

With his staggering encyclopedic memory for all things cute and cuddly, Shinichi Kanou is recruited to become an ambassador for moe to the Holy Eldant Kingdom. Shinichi is now in an alternate world with diplomatic credentials surrounded by cute elf maids and adorable dragons. Will this young otaku be able to contain himself? More importantly, how will the beings from the Eldant Kingdom react to this new ambassador? Tune in to find out in Outbreak Company!

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Episodes (12)

Episode 1: I landed in Another World

A lowly otaku is transported to a magic kingdom to bring his nerdy hobbies to the populace in a cultural exchange program.

Episode 2: I-I'd better watch it...

Shinichi begins the arduous task of finding the right stuff to bring to the Eldant Emipre. Later, the Queen appears and demands that he read to her.

Episode 3: Thou Art Invaders

Shinichi's vision of a school in Eldant is realized, but some citizens see it as a threat to their dominance over others.

Episode 4: Furry Spy

After an advanced lesson on Otaku culture, Shinichi finds himself defending a foreign spy…that also happens to be a wolf girl.

Episode 5: This Really Is Another World

While his students adopt the otaku culture at break neck speeds, Shinichi has a sneaking suspicion that Elbia is playing both sides.

Episode 6: Soccer…Soccer?

In order to cultivate a better relationship between the elves and dwarves, Shinichi proposes a friendly soccer game…that turns into anything but.

Episode 7: Maid in Japan

Shinichi succesfully petitions to be allowed back to Japan for better materials, unknowingly bringing Myucel along for the ride.

Episode 8: The Melancholy of her Imperial Majesty

Petralka has stumbled into the hikikomori lifestyle, and the only way for Shinichi to bring her back is to dive in head first.

Episode 9: Swimsuit of the Dead

Shinichi's swimsuit episode has finally arrived! Amidst the parade of female flesh, however, an ambush awaits.

Episode 10: Magical Girl Petralka

The soccer match footage was leaked in the real qorld, so Shinichi decides to make it part of a movie, with Petralka as the main character.

Episode 11: Plot Silent, Plot Deep

As Shinichi witnesses a breakdown in social normalcy among the Eldant citizens, Matoba reveals the real reason that otaku culture is being brought to this new world.

Episode 12: Shoot the Invaders!

With the Japanese Government's true intentions clear, Shinichi must be protected from harm at all times. A sudden explosion rings out, and chess pieces begin to move in the exciting conclusion of Outbreak Company!


Episode 13 (1 min)


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