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Orphen: Revenge

Things are never easy for Orphen and his friends. When Cleao wants to find a little relaxation at the local hot springs, the group ends up finding a lot more than warm water. Why has a young woman been trailing them for months? Who is the mystery man that wishes to destroy Orphen? And can a magic lake really make a wish come true?

Action Adventure Fantasy Mystery

Episodes (23)

Episode 1: Heal My Soul, Hot Springs

Desiring a much-needed vacation, Orphen, Majic, and Cleao decide to take a trip to a hot spring. It seems like a great idea until  a rumor of an evil sorcerer surfaces, and Orphen is the one that the finger is pointed squarely at. It's going to take a miracle to clear his name.

Episode 2: The Big Bath of Betrayal

Now that Orphen has managed to gain the support of at least one of the local hotels, there's another matter to clear up. A local hot springs tycoon has the entire area under his control and is forcing the smaller resorts out of business. It's going to take the skills of a sorcerer to put things right.

Episode 3: The Supply Store From Hell

Orphen and his friends finally have met up with Lycoris, and while Orphen is fine with having her around, Cleao thinks otherwise. First, she believes that she might be a hit man trying to kill Orphen; then she thinks that she might be a monster. The truth is going to be something different than she expected.

Episode 4: Wonderful ~ The Ripple of Love

A mysterious lake has a long-standing legend that it can make wishes come true. That seems to be the farthest thing from the truth though, as Volcan soon finds out when a trip to the lake finds him possessed by a young girl.

Episode 5: Awaken, Beloved One

Orphen and his friends come in contact with a man seeking to free his fiancé from the grip of a powerful sorcerer. The problem is that it's his father, and to make things worse, he has his daughter in a state of suspended animation, seemingly for his own evil purposes. But, the truth may prove to be much more different.

Episode 6: Shrimp Man, Crab Woman

The self proclaimed hero Black Tiger, or Shrimp Man as Orphen, Majic, and Cleao know him, makes a triumphant return. Shrimp Man isn't alone though, and he's got someone else that's hoping to steal his thunder.

Episode 7: The Sweet Trap of an Errand

The gang stops off for a much needed rest as well as supplies.  Orphen sends Cleao and Lycoris to do a bit of shopping. But, when the girls get mixed up in a robbery, and the bandits steal their precious chocolate coins, it's the girls who are going to be on their own adventure.

Episode 8: Is That a Bird?

With funds running low, Lycoris needs a way to come up with some money. The Royal Order will certainly send some, but it's gong to take a week, and they need some fast cash in the meantime. It looks like it's time for some odd jobs, and even Orphen has been brought in to earn a few coins, all thanks to some nude modeling.

Episode 9: The Lady of the Speed of Sound

Lycoris loses her glasses and ends up unwittingly buying a bunch of junk from. A strange talisman bearing even stranger runes causes its wearer to move at nearly the speed of sound, but now they need to find a way to stop the plus size runner before things really get our of hand.

Episode 10: The Phantom Mountain of Snow

The group wants to make an unscheduled stop at a hot spring along the way. The two stumble into a strange subspace that has been created by Volcan’s desires and words, but he’s not even aware of it. What’s stranger is that this land of ice and snow isn’t cold, nor are the fires hot, at least not until Volcan says something about it.

Episode 11: The Crab and the Boy

The next stop on the way to the Royal Public Order of Knights is the famous Honeymoon Mecca, and it seems that there might be a little time for sightseeing. Majic is quite the ladies man, although it’s not really his intention, and it manages to raise the jealousy of Eris who happens to be in town with Harita to keep an eye on Orphen.

Episode 12: The Big Courtroom of Justice

Flame Soul strikes, prepared to get revenge against Orphen, and monsters are ravaging the city. While Majic and Cleao team up with Black Tiger and White Club to fend off the menace, Flame Soul has managed to overcome Orphen and is making him stand trial.

Episode 13: The Young Woman Who Caught a Cold

Lycoris has come down with a cold. That's going to keep her from delivering Orphen to the Knighthood, but he is positive that he has the solution to cure her. And while he and Majic run across the city trying to find a quick cure, Cleao is working on brewing up an old fashioned home remedy.

Episode 14: What?! Majic has . . .

The worst possible fate has befallen the group; it's worse than monsters and more insidious than a rival returned for revenge. They've run out of money, and even the Knighthood is refusing continued finance.

Episode 15: Running Away on the Night of a Full Moon

Orphen and Cleao get into another fight. Volkan and Dortin  are convinced that they have achieved greatness and landed on the moon, but they are in for quite a rude awakening and plenty of punishment at the hands of everyone. Cleao on the other hand finds some convalescence with the mysterious Esperanza.

Episode 16: Turmoil! A Luxurious Passenger Ship

The girls decide that it's time for a little rest and relaxation, and while they have a good time, Majic and Orphen work their tails off to pay for everything. However, when a monster shows up and runs amok on the ship, it's going to be anything but fun.

Episode 17: It Appears! Fake Orphen

While Cleao, Majic, and Lycoris enjoy some relaxation in a small cottage, Orphen has problems . . . big problems. He’s run into the most skilled foe, and that is himself. There isn’t just one clone of Orphen; there are five, and since they all have his magical skills, it’s going to be a very difficult battle.

Episode 18: Rhapsody of Sorrow

On their way to the Royal Public Order of Knighthood, Majic and Cleao manage to stop by their home in Totokanta for a visit to their family. Lycoris begins acting stranger.

Episode 19: Lycoris Neilsen

Lyrocis decides to leave the group so that she can go home, although she’s not quite sure where exactly that is; while waiting to return, she is plagued by memories long forgotten. Meanwhile, Majic  debates becoming a sorcerer as well as if he should take up training with Esperanza.

Episode 20: The Truth Inside the Storm

Esperanza has kidnapped Majic, and Orphen is determined to get him back. Together with Cleao and Lycoris they head for Erukarena’s Temple to save their dear friend, but an unexpected foe stands in their way: Flame Soul.

Episode 21: Sorcerer Majic

The group chases Magic, who's been kidnapped. In the midst of the chaos, Flame Soul launches an attack, who has been reborn using the body of his mother.

Episode 22: Feelings That Are Not Mutual

Orphen and the group arrive at the ancient temple ruins, where they find the Macgregor’s and Elkarna. MacGregor and Orphen begin their battle.

Episode 23: I am the Sword Drawn from the Light!

When Orphen realized that the reason for all of the events that had happened up until now were all part of a plan to break open Elkarna’s seals, he threw himself into battle with Elkarna to protect everything.

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