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When the most prestigious university of magic in the land loses Orphen, their most talented student, they'll do anything to get him back. Unfortunately for them, Orphen has bigger plans than majoring in spell casting - namely tracking down a mysterious dragon, the Bloody August. Together with his young apprentice, a spoiled heiress, and two cranky trolls, Orphen must battle both the Bloody August and his old teachers, advanced sorcerers who posses frightening power and even more dangerous secrets!

Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy

Episodes (24)

Episode 1: The Sword of Baltanders

As Orphen and Majic are threatened by a girl  named Cleao and her two troll servants, the sky  turns dark and ghosts come out. Everyone retreats--except Orphen, who confronts the ghosts.

Episode 2: The Blood of August

The Bloody August retreats after Orphen fights it, and Orphen is tracked by his old school friend, Hartia. The Bloody August returns, kidnapping Cleao and Mariabelle.

Episode 3: Battle of the Dragon

Orphen goes to rescue the kidnapped girls, and the Bloody August shows up. Orphen and Majic start a new adventure to save Azalie...and Cleao tags along and fights with Orphen.

Episode 4: Guardian of the Garden

As Orphen, Majic and Cleao are traveling to save Azalie by retrieving the stolen sword, Cleao bugs Orphen to go to a resort. Majic and Cleao end up meeting up with Volkan and Dortin and go to the resort and find a place full of flowers. Orphen tries to reach the resort himself to get his companions back. However, the flowers are magical and the place is protected by a metal guardian who will stop at nothing to protect the flowers.

Episode 5: Curse of Wolves - Part 1

Majic stumbles upon a girl who belongs to a strange cult that worship the mysterious Wolfine. But in that cult, there is a man who hides a secret. Orphen, Majic, and Cleao try to figure out what he is hiding and what is he doing there.

Episode 6: Curse of Wolves - Part 2

Fiena risks her own life in attempt to save Orphen. Batrov tries to burn down the forest and the villagers try to kill Orphen.

Episode 7: The Ruins of Baltanders

Orphen and the gang decide to go to the ruins of Baltanders. As they get there, they find the same symbolic language that appears on the sword, but it's not only on the walls. They find the symbol on a giant rat that had been transformed by the sword. Orphen then retrieves an object he left behind when he was younger.

Episode 8: Azalie

As Orphen, Majic and Cleao continue their adventure on trying to find Azalie, Orphen tells his friends how Azalie's hunger for knowledge turned her into a dragon. Orphen also tells them that the entire Tower of Fang is against him and they want to kill Azalie.

Episode 9: The Relic - Part 1

The city of Algonhotten is famous, and Cleao is more than happy to go there. But Algonhotten is the hometown of Orphen's previous partner, Stephanie. Something isn't quite right about the place though, and it seems like Stephanie is hiding something.

Episode 10: The Relic - Part 2

In this episode, we find out more about the Killing doll and about Stephanie. Stephanie has a secret that shocks everyone!

Episode 11: Leki's Big Adventure

As the heroes are traveling, Leki the wolfine cub runs off  and gets lost. Cleao is worried about Leki and the three set off to find him. Meanwhile, a little girl is preparing for her birthday and her brother goes to town to buy her a present.

Episode 12: The Black Tiger

Orphen, Majic and Cleao stumble into an abandoned town and decide to stay at an empty hotel. Dortin  stumbles into the hotel with a sick Volkan. When Majic goes to get water, he sees someone standing  on top of the hotel with a bull.

Episode 13: Flameheart

Orphen returns to the Tower of Fang and breaks into the archives, looking for a clue to help Azalie. The elders at the Tower of Fang discuss how to overcome the different problems Orphen and Childman have presented, and recruit a new sorcerer known as "Flameheart".

Episode 14: Do You Mine?

Orphen and friends set out to find the author Rox Roe, traveling through an old mining town on the way. While staying in the town, they hear the story of a mysterious sorcerer who once saved the town ...

Episode 15: Sister of the Moon

Childman sets out to find Azalie. Orphen and friends find themselves at a mysterious summit which has magical properties.

Episode 16: The Black Tiger Returns

Orphen and friends continue on their quest to find Rox Roe, stopping on their way in a town set at the foot of a volcano. Meanwhile, Flameheart and the Black Tiger set out from the Tower of Fang, with different reasons for wanting to find Orphen.

Episode 17: Of Swords, Of Secrets

Orphen and friends finally arrive at the home of Rox Roe, looking for a way to save Azalie. But they are not the only ones with the desire to meet with the old sorcerer...

Episode 18: Birds and Bees

Remembering Roe's words about the sword being incomplete, Orphen and friends set out to get back the sword of Baltanders, which is currently with Volcan and Dortin. The two trolls are not too keen to give it back, which leads to a chase around a very large tree known as the Giga Sequoia.

Episode 19: Dark Deception

Orphen and friends set out to find the Bloody August while Childman/Azalie sets out to destroy it, and the Black Tiger goes to tell Orphen the truth.

Episode 20: Snake in the Temple

Volcan and Dortin are given the responsibility of healing the Bloody August while Orphen and friends return to the Ruins of Baltanders to find a clue to saving Azalie. There they meet Stephanie, who helps them  find what they need. Meanwhile, many sorcerers wonder at the sudden change in Childman.

Episode 21: Revelation of the Ruins

Orphen and friends look for a clue as to what the third talisman is and where they can find it, while Volcan and Dortin try to tame the Bloody August. After Childman's failed attempt to kill the Bloody August, Flameheart sets out to do the job.

Episode 22: Three's a Charm

Orphen and friends return to Stephanie's home town and Cleao is troubled by a dream  about Orphen.  Volcan and Dortin continue their attempts to tame the Bloody August.

Episode 23: The Anger of Azalie

Upon hearing the truth about Azalie and Childman, Orphen goes to see Azalie to find out the reality behind her motives. Flameheart and his mother continue with their sinister methods for taking over the Tower of Fang.

Episode 24: Journey's End

Orphen finally has the three talismans that make up the completed Sword of Baltanders.

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