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One Week Friends

A new school year has started when Yuki meets Kaori. Everyone takes her as a coldhearted, shy shut-in, but Yuki finds out the truth. He comes to find out she has a certain disease where she forgets memories of her friends after seven days. Every week, her memories of her friends reset. Instead of trying to make friends, Kaori realizes that it’s easier to be alone. From that point, Yuki decides to put forth the valiant effort to make friends with her over and over again.

Comedy Drama Romance Slice of Life

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Beginning of a Friendship

Hase notices that Kaori seems very detached from the rest of her classmates. Making a daring move, he asks to be her friend, only to find out that at the beginning of every week she forgets everything, and everyone, from the week before.

Episode 2: How to Spend Time With Friends

A new week means a new introduction between Hase and Fujimiya. After they get to know each other again, Hase suggests to Fujimiya that she should keep a diary.

Episode 3: Friends of Friends

Hase convinces his friend Shogo to eat lunch with him and Fujimiya. Ever the pessimist, Shogo doubts Fujimiya's claim of her memory loss.

Episode 4: Fighting With Friends

Hase begins to grow increasingly jealous of Kiryu and Fujimiya's relationship. After getting in their very first fight, Fujimiya's loses something dear to her while on her way home.

Episode 5: New Friends

Yamagishi Saki inserts herself into Fujimiya's circle of trust. Together, they experience the joyous moments of friendship others take for granted. Hase has his doubts about the new girl, and trails them as they go out on a "date".

Episode 6: Mothers of Friends

Fujimiya brings her new friends over for a study session at her home. Fujimiya's mother dotes on them all, as all mothers do, excited to see her daughter with friends. Later, Hase meets Fujimiya's mother at the park, and she reveals what she knows about her daughter's memory issues.

Episode 7: Friends of

While Fujimiya continues making new friends, Hase begins to miss the times when it was jsut the two of them. With summer break coming up soon, Hase realizes that they wont be able to meet regularly anymore.

Episode 8: The Beach With Friends

Fujimiya and her growing circle of friends take a trip out to the beach, where Shogo helps Hase discover his true feelings for Fujimiya.

Episode 9: Last Day With Friends

The four friends get together on the last day of Summer break to finish up assignments Yuki learns about how much of a difference he's made in Kaori's life.

Episode 10: Friends and "Friends"

Hajime has essentially undone all of Yuki's progress with Kaori after some less than savory factos come to light. Is the girl he once knew gone forever?

Episode 11: Important Friends

Yuki still interested in being friends with Kaori, sets out to find out why Kaori grew upset with her.

Episode 12: Please Be My Friend

It becomes apparent to Yuki why Kaori is losing her memory so he decides it best to keep his distance from her in order to preserve her memory.


Episode 13 (1 min)


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