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Nyan Koi!

When cat-allergic Jyunpei accidentally damages the statue of a cat deity, he winds up with a catastrophic curse and the ability to understand felines. To make amends, Jyunpei must perform one hundred favors for cat-kind or become a cat himself! Soon every cat in the neighborhood is showing up with their list of “requests.” Worse, his huge crush on classmate Mizuno, his scary ex-childhood friend Sumiyoshi and a whole other list of cat-crazy females is making Jyunpei's high school life crappier than a litter box!

Comedy Romance Supernatural

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: The Scruffy Cat & the Cursed High Schooler

Jyunpei Kousaka, who has an allergic reaction to cats, lives in a society that worships and adores them. He finds himself spellbound to a curse that allows him to communicate with the neighboring felines, whether he likes it or not.

Episode 2: The Man is a Manservant?

Dealing with demanding cats is tough enough for Jyunpei, but having to keep the curse a secret is making life crappier than a litter box.  Add in his huge crush on classmate Mizuno, his next cat task putting him in the direct fire of ex-childhood friend Sumiyoshi and, well, you get the picture…

Episode 3: Your Name is…

After meeting cute, directionally-challenged college student Mochizuki Chizuru, Jyunpei gets pulled into helping her navigate the streets of her mail delivery route.  Of course, all the cats in the neighborhood have their own requests and Mochizuki seems to keep giving all of Jyunpei's friends the wrong ideas.

Episode 4: Beautiful People

It seems that there is someone else at school with eyes for Mizuno: Captain of the track and field team: Ichinose Nagi. As if the letter of challenge wasn't enough, it turns out that Nagi's father is a true Yakuza boss. Yet, when Jyunpei, Mizuno and Sumiyoshi find themselves in the dragon's den, things may not be exactly how they appear!

Episode 5: Times Square

Nagi has a new challenge for Jyunpei. Mizuno and Sumiyoshi accompany them to the amusement park where Jyunpei is told to either confess his feelings and start dating Mizuno that day or find himself instantly betrothed and the future son-in-law of a Yakuza!

Episode 6: Milk & Bitters and Sugar & Spice

Disaster seems to be following Jyunpei like a black cat when a mysterious girl from his school knows that he's been cursed. Even worse, a new girl hanging around has Mizuno, Sumiyoshi and Nagi acting even more off balance!

Episode 7: Wait Until Dark

The school field trip has arrived and Jyunpei and Co are in Kyoto.  Of course, there's no vacation when you're cursed, and Jyunpei's arrival has been announced to all the cats in Kyoto.  Now Jyunpei's gotta deal with all the chatty cats while not falling apart in front of Mizuno and the rest of the class!

Episode 8: The Passionate Private Running Coach

Attention: Jyunpei's life is over.  After dodging disasters left and right, it looks like he's really in a jam.  As the newest member of the Track & Field Club, Mizuno has been running him ragged. However, his lack of attention to his kitty project may result in a little cat burglary.

Episode 9: Girls in the Water

Exams are coming up and everyone heads to the indoor pool for a break from studying.  String bikinis, nosebleeds and a slip or two… what's not to enjoy- until Jyunpei catches a nasty cold.

Episode 10: As it Happened One Night

Sumiyoshi has to write a long report to make up for failing an exam. Who better to give a lesson on local history than the Cat Shrine Twins. However, weird as they already are, something even stranger lurks in their shadows, past, and nighttime activities.

Episode 11: Friends

The cat statue is finally discovered to be damaged.  Jyunpei feels even more guilty and decides to get a part-time job to donate for its repair. With Christmas around the corner, everyone's minds are on presents and the romantic atmosphere.

Episode 12: Does Heaven Await Me?

Time may be about to run out for Jyunpei, but not for lack of trying. Worse than his new set of ears is the possibility that someone else could be in danger because of his curse.


Episode 13 (2 min)


Episode 14 (3 min)


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