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Non Non Biyori Repeat

With a class of only five students, it might seem like life in the tiny town of Asahigaoka might be dull at best. But thanks to the lighthearted antics of Hotaru and her friends, life in the countryside is never a bore! The girls may be the same, but the hijinks have changed as your favorite country girls return for a new round of relaxing comedy and lighthearted adventure.


Episodes (12)

Episode 1: I Became a First Grader

Spring has sprung and school is back in session for the students of the Asahigaoka Branch School. Renge prepares for her debut as a first grader with the help of her friends.

Episode 2: We Went to Watch the Stars

New transfer student Hotaru adapts to life in the small town of Asahigaoka, and bonds with her classmates through an intense game of "drop-the-ruler."

Episode 3: I Got Motivated During the Consecutive Holidays

It’s test time and the students prepare for their exams with varying degrees of success. The girls band together to lend Natsumi a hand with her studies.

Episode 4: I Made a Teru Teru Bozu

Rain prevents Renge from testing out her new bike, so instead she searches for other ways to pass the time.

Episode 5: I Ate Okonomiyaki

Komari has a streak of bad luck after Natsumi uses a toy fortune dispenser to predict her fortune.

Episode 6: I Became Closer to Hotaru

Natsumi struggles to hold a conversation with Hotaru. A night of setting off fireworks doesn’t go as planned, and the girls must find an alternative.

Episode 7: I Boldly Leapt In

During a day at the river, Hotaru hesitates to dive in with the other girls. Hikage returns home from Tokyo and is forced to play with Renge.

Episode 8: I Was in Charge of School Lunch

Nostalgia is in the air as the group reminisces about Renge's mischievous infancy, and Komari finds a stuffed animal from her early childhood.

Episode 9: We Went Moon-ViewingTogether

It's all about Natsumi this time as she catches fish, tries her hand at being ladylike, and accidentally eats some very special dumplings

Episode 10: I Practiced Very Hard

When Renge hears that her friends left training wheels behind in first grade, she becomes intent on learning how to ride her bike.

Episode 11: I Became a Pampered Child

Winter vacation is here, and all of the girls find different ways to spend their time before the new year begins.

Episode 12: One Year Has Passed

A year has passed since Hotaru moved to the town. The girls reflect on their time together as they get ready for a cherry blossom viewing.