TV-14 - OVA
New Dominion: Tank Police

New Port City, 2016. Despite the Tank Police's questionable tactics, crime rages on. Because of a weapons banning bill that may be passed, Mayor Weatherby becomes the target of attacks from the Dai Nippon Geiken Corporation. Can the Mobile Police stop the Dai Nippon Geiken Corporation's powerful mobile weapons? Find out in New Dominion: Tank Police!

Adventure Mecha Sci-Fi

Launch! Tank Police!!

A new, smaller and more capable weapon is mobilized against the New Dominion Tank Police.

Charles Brenten, Master Detective!! ~ Black Rain of Newport! ~

Leona is fed up with the chief being so restrictive so she requests a leave of absence.

Limit the Tubeway

A Dainippon Giken Research Agency truck rolls right through the Tank Police's defenses.

Pursuit! Bonaparte in the Mist

A white fog blankets the city, causing the Tank Police to become disoriented.

Conflict City

The Tank Police units are spread thin as they respond to crime that is raging on all throughout the city.

End the Dreaming

With the Mayor injured and the pending charges against the executives from the Dainippon Giken Research Agency, Rockford Enterprises is looking to take over.


Episode 7 (2 min)


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