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They’re called Needless—mutants who wield amazing powers such as super speed, the ability to change form, and some, like Blade, the power to “learn” other opponent’s powers. It’s Blade’s greatest ability. But is it powerful enough to overcome his weakness for cute young girls in revealing little skirts? Find out in the craziest action comedy anime of the year!

Action Comedy Mature Sci-Fi

Episodes (24)

Episode 1: Adam Blade

After an attack on an evil corporation, a young rebel’s sister is killed. Now alone, Cruz is taken in by a band of mutants with strange and amazing powers called the Needless. Together, they set out to overthrow the evil Adam Arclight and his family of evil mutants.

Episode 2: Eve Neuschwanstein

When Cruz fails to retrieve the Super Gel Dero Doro drink, he and Eve venture into the shattered city. But when the Testaments are on the prowl, they hide in an abandoned building to wait until the threat passes. But inside lies an enemy who is more dangerous then the mechanical monsters stomping outside.

Episode 3: Momiji Teruyama

A brutish stranger shows up at the church looking for Adam. And once the fire-wielding Teruyama finds Adam Blade, the two become engaged in a battle that tests the limits of both of their superpowers.

Episode 4: Iron Mountain

The evil Adam Arclight’s body is beginning to disintegrate, so he continues the Needless hunting with renewed vengeance. But suddenly Primaria alerts him that they’ve found the perfect donor, someone who has the exact body type Adam needs to survive. And that body belongs to someone who’s very much alive—Adam Blade.

Episode 5: Simeon's Girl Squadron

As they enter Iron Mountain, Blade and his team are aided by a tiny technical marvel named Disc. But just as Disc is about to give them vital information about their mission, the fortress is broken into by a trio of deadly assassins sent by Adam Arclight—the beautiful, powerful, and dangerous Girl Squadron.

Episode 6: Goldy Locks

After a furious battle in Iron Mountain, the Girl Squadron takes Eve hostage. Luckily, Disc decides to join the team and help them thwart Adam Arclight’s evil scheme. But before they can attempt that, they must find the Girl Squadron and save their friend from certain death…or worse.

Episode 7: Adam Arclight

When he is delivering the kidnapped Eve, Arclight’s henchman Saten discovers her Needless powers could prove invaluable. Meanwhile, a rival team feels threatened the Girl Squadron has captured such a priceless asset. And to show they are just as strong, they challenge them to a violent turf war.

Episode 8: Riru Roukakuji

At last Adam Arclight finds the body he needs—the body of Adam Blade. But Blade is not going to give himself up so easily. So the two begin a brutal battle in the skies, a raging war between to super-powered mutants…a battle that threatens to destroy each other and thousands of innocent victims.

Episode 9: Shelter No. 3

After temporarily thwarting Adam Arclight’s evil plan, the team tries to regroup and recharge. But unfortunately the Girl Squadron has trapped Blade inside a giant bedroom. Now alone and weakened, the Girls combine their deadly powers to bring Blade to his knees…and into Arclight’s clutches.

Episode 10: Set & Solva

Cruz discovers that Blade has not always been traveling with Gido and Eve. Before joining these to Needless, Blade was entwined with the beautiful, but deadly death-wielder, Set. And if that wasn’t dangerous enough, Blade also ran into the manic, almost maniac super-powered siren, Solva.

Episode 11: Black Attraction

The Girl Squadron still has Blade in their trap. But to ensure certain victory, they introduce two deadly new additions to their evil trio. First, there is the dark Kurumi, who possesses a horrible Fragment power called Black Attraction. But the true ace in the hole is Blade’s own partner, the kidnapped Eve.

Episode 12: Kurumi

Though Set and Solva have joined Blade’s team, it looks like even their new powers are no match for the Girl Squadron and their deadly cohort Kurumi. But just as the Girls increase their attacks, using every weapon they have at their disposal, Cruz remembers what Eve taught him—and makes a powerful discovery that could save them all.

Episode 13: Byakugo

Though Kurumi is dead, Disc believes there may still be a way to use their fallen enemy to save Eve from the brainwashing she has received from the Girls Squadron. But just as Cruz helps the others attempt the mission, Saten arrives to disrupt the proceedings. Yet it is Kuchinashi who provides the real surprise.

Episode 14: Lilith Temptation

Kuchinashi releases her most powerful weapon yet, the Lilith Temptation, which grants everyone the ability to see what they most desire. For Blade, that is, naturally, pretty girls. But for Cruz, he visualizes the one person who means the most to him—his deceased sister.

Episode 15: Fourth Wave

As the Girls Squadron lay battered, Saten emerges to banish them from the battle. Now left alone to confront Blade and his comrades, Saten reveals his fragment. But this revelation is nothing compared to what Saten truly shows them…the Fourth Great One.

Episode 16: Aruka Schild

As Saten and the Fourth Great One continue to battle Blade and his team, Cruz and Disc decipher just how Saten can possess what appears to be more than one power Fragment. And in the heat of the battle, the Fourth Great One’s mask is taken off, but none are prepared for who is behind the mask.

Episode 17: Resistance

Despite his pleas, Aruka deals a deadly blow to Cruz. As he fades into unconsciousness, he begins to remember their early days in the resistance. He recalls the locket, and the warning to always keep it close. He remembers their battles and how Aruka was always placed in the role of the protector—and how that role may have turned her heart against him.

Episode 18: Agni Schiwatas

Disc continues to try to save Cruz, but he hovers between waking and unconsciousness, between life and death. As he fights for his life, Aruka and Saten fight their own battle. They use their powerful fragments to try to destroy Blade and his team once and for all in a blast-filled attack.

Episode 19: Positive Feedback Zero

Disc succeeds in saving Cruz and it appears that Aruka is finally defeated. But just as Cruz is regaining full consciousness again, Aruka suddenly rises from the dead, summoning all her strength to at last finish off her brother. But suddenly she is stopped by the last person anyone would suspect of helping the members of the Resistance.

Episode 20: A-B

In a last ditch effort to prevent Arclight from stealing his body, Blade attempts to rob Arclight of his very own powers. Meanwhile, the origins of the Adam Project are discovered, and just how crucial a role Professor Gido played in the terrible experiment.

Episode 21: A-A

“Adam” Blade is introduced to his partner, “Eve”. But the scientists behind the project can only hope for the best. Unfortunately, the worst occurs. And the other “Adam”, Arclight, begins his dark descent into rage-filled fury. He soon discovers there is a connection to the other Adam, a crucial secret that threatens to destroy—or save—them both.

Episode 22: The Triple Six Committee

As Arclight attempts to fulfill his evil destiny, Blade unleashes his most powerful attack on his brother yet. But as the battle rages, Saten arrives to put his own plan into motion. Even Riru is powerless to stop him. That is when Aruka discovers what’s driving Saten’s plans.

Episode 23: Saten

As he stands before the place it all began—Simeon Pharmaceuticals—Saten announces how his world rule will commence. And as he lays out his plan, he reveals there is one person who will stand by him as his partner in bringing about a new world order. And no one is more surprised than the person he chooses.

Episode 24: Cruz Schild

With Saten out of his way, Arclight makes his final attempt to ascend to the throne of the universe. But he reveals that he has no room in his kingdom for other Needless, not even the ones who have helped him get this far. So now it’s up to Blade to stop him and save everyone—his friends, mankind, even his enemies—before Arclight’s power grows too great for anyone to stop him.


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