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Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

The World's Fair, Paris, 1889: a young inventor meets an enigmatic girl and her pet lion. When they find themselves pursued by a villainous trio intent upon stealing the magical Blue Water, an epic adventure inspired by Jules Verne's masterpiece 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea sets sail. Join Nadia and Jean as they travel the high seas in search of Nadia's homeland and her past, their only clue is the mysterious jewel Nadia wears. Can they unravel the Secret of the Blue Water before it is too late? Find out in Nadia, The Secret of Blue Water.

Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi

Episodes (39)

Episode 1: The Young Girl of the Tour Eiffel

Jean, a young inventor goes to Paris to compete in an inventor contest at the Universal Expo of Paris. He meets a young girl, Nadia, who is pursued by henchmen that want her Blue Water, a mysterious necklace that is the link to Nadia's past.

Episode 2: The Little Fugitives

Jean takes Nadia home to Le Havre, but his aunt and uncle don't want her at home. So in order to discover her past, he decides to go on an adventure with her to Africa where she came.

Episode 3: The Riddle of the Giant Sea Monsters

Their plane wrecks into the sea. Jean and Nadia are saved by a battleship whose mission is to kill a mysterious monster causing many wreckages in the Army. But soon the battleship is attacked by this monster...

Episode 4: Nautilus, The Fantastic Submarine

Jean and Nadia land on a small island controlled by the Gargoyle Army. They meet the young Marie, a five years old who just lost her parents. They decide to take her with them.

Episode 5: Marie's Island

Nadia and Jean form a plan to escape the island.

Episode 6: The Fortress on the Solitary Island

While Marie and King are kidnapped by enemy soldiers, Jean and Nadia rush to rescue them. They are being held captive at the secret base of the Neo-Atlanteans. Unfortunately, Nadia's Blue Water gives them away....

Episode 7: The Tower of Babel

During their rescue attempt at secret base of the Neo-Atlanteans, Nadia is kidnapped. Jean However, manages to get the Blue Water and continue on and rescue Nadia, Marie, and King from the clutches of the evil leader of the Neo-Atlanteans.

Episode 8: Nadia's Rescue

Grandis, Sanson, and Hanson team up with Jean to rescue Nadia and her friends. Once everyone has been liberated, they aren’t in the clear yet! The whole gang still has to make it out of the fortress alive….

Episode 9: Nemo's Secret

Having escaped Gargoyle's island, Nadia and company are taken aboard the Nautilus. Nadia, meanwhile, is dealing with troublesome issues - she finds it understandably difficult to trust her former enemies and is especially suspicious of Captain Nemo..

Episode 10: Gratan in Action

The Nautilus gets caught in one of Gargoyle's traps: a mine field in an underwater cavern. Sanson, Hanson, and Jean literally dive into action to remove the mines via the Gratan.

Episode 11: A New Student on the Nautilus

Sanson, Hanson, and Grandis are appointed crew members of the Nautilus. Jean, Sanson, and Hanson study the ship's mechanics while Marie and King have a schooling session. Nadia and Grandis become fascinated how everything is operated by electricity.

Episode 12: Grandis' First Love

Nadia attempts to please Jean by dressing up for him and is upset that he is too busy in his books at the dinner table to notice. Angered, she lashes out at him, but is consoled by the the bewildered Jean.

Episode 13: Run, Marie, Run!

Nadia is still angry about the baby deer, and is very cold and dismissive of Jean's friendly offers. She also goes to extremes to preach her stand on animal rights, mistreating Jean in the process, despite his attempts to reason with her absurdity.

Episode 14: The Valley of Dinictus

Marie and Nadia both fall seriously ill, and the Nautilus sets sail for the forbidden lair of the Dinicthys to find the antidote to their sickness.

Episode 15: Nautilus' Biggest Crisis

The Nautilus becomes trapped by Gargoyle once again, which claims the life of a new friend of Jean and Nadia's, but who…?

Episode 16: The Mystery of the Island that Vanished

The Nautilus docks at the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, a truly imaginative and exotic kingdom full of sights and wonders. Also, the last incident against Gargoyle brings Nadia and Jean closer as she cries on him at a funeral.

Episode 17: Jean's New Invention

Jean is tired of being treated like a kid, and attempts to prove his worthiness as an adult when Nadia asks him to build another aircraft. He soon learns, however, that it is important to ask others for help.

Episode 18: Nautilus vs. Nautilus

The Nautilus sets sail for its base in Antarctica. On their way their, the crew has a run in with a nasty shellfish underneath the iceberg.

Episode 19: Nemo's Close Friend

Nemo takes Nadia and Jean around the marvelous wonders of his home to introduce them to his best friend, a talking whale named Irion. It is through a mental conversation with this whale that Nadia learns more about her past.

Episode 20: Jean's Failures

Jean's latest invention goes wrong and almost puts the Nautilus in serious trouble with Gargoyle.

Episode 21: Goodbye Nautilus

The Nautilus is finally cornered by Gargoyle's battleship and is seen meeting its untimely demise…is this the end of the Nautilus…?

Episode 22: Electra's Betrayal

The children are forced to leave via the Captain's cabin, but not before they overhear some revelations about Nadia's past. Electra, moved with jealousy, hatred, and burned love toward the initially aloof captain, goes nuts and draws a pistol on him.

Episode 23: Little Castaways

The kids become shipwrecked on a deserted island and have to learn how to survive. What will become of our little castaways?

Episode 24: Lincoln Island

Nadia thinks she can survive without technology and runs off from the camp leaving Jean and the rest to set up camp with their technology. Soon, Nadia returns back to steal food when she realizes that she can't survive on her own without technology.

Episode 25: First Kiss

Because of Nadia’s escapades, there is very little left to eat, and Jean has no choice but to use meat in the morning omelet. Nadia is very displeased with this and vows to go on a hunger strike and leaves the camp.

Episode 26: King's on his Own

Nadia goes crazy over Jean not remembering the night she first kissed him and unfairly yells at him. The next morning, Nadia and Jean embark on a quest to find a missing King. Where could he have run off to and why?

Episode 27: Island of the Witch

Nadia's ideal vision of life on an island is broken when a terrible typhoon strikes Lincoln Island. The next day, a mysterious floating island drifts near the ocean, and the kids set off to explore it.

Episode 28: The Floating Island

The witch and assistants Ayerton spoke of turned out to be Grandis, Sanson, and Hanson. Reunited, our pals set up camp to live on the floating island.

Episode 29: King vs. King

Sanson and Hanson decide to have a race with two mechanical “King” robots that can only run straight!

Episode 30: The Underground Labyrinth

Jean and Nadia wonder into a mechanical cavern on the island. Nadia suddenly vanishes into a mysterious chamber, leaving Jean all alone. Is their island home REALLY an island? Or is it something else?

Episode 31: Goodbye Red Noah

Undressed and in a trance, Nadia comes face to face with an entity who tells her that their island home is a spaceship known as Red Noah. Grandis and the others rush to get off the island before it sinks, Jean goes on a rescue mission to save Nadia.

Episode 32: Nadia's Lover

The group crash lands in an African tribal village and are almost put to death by the chief. A young warrior of the village recognizes Nadia's Blue Water and they are set free. Though the warrior is in love with Nadia, she plans to use him to escape.

Episode 33: A Rescue Operation for King

King gets kidnapped by Grandis's ex-fiancée, Gonzales.

Episode 34: Love to Nadia

Nadia is ashamed of how she acted in Africa and wants Jean's attention. Jean is concerned for her and asks Sanson for tips on how to deal with her. The next day, he sings a song to Nadia about his love for her and how her behavior is affecting him.

Episode 35: The Secret of Blue Water

Nadia and the gang finally arrive at her lost homeland of Tartessos, and Nadia reveals to her friends her deepest secrets, including her identity, and that the Blue Water is a dangerous tool that could destroy the world.

Episode 36: The All-Purpose Battleship, New Nautilus

Gargoyle's battleships appear over Tartessos. To save Jean and the others, Nadia surrenders herself. Forced to flee from Gargoyle's armada, the group run into Captain Nemo and his crew and now operate a powerful battleship called the New Nautilus.

Episode 37: Emperor Neo

Gargoyle takes Nadia before the puppet leader of Neo-Atlantis who reveals that he has a strong connection with both Nadia and Nemo. Half a world away, Nemo and the others plan to fight Gargoyle in a final duel.

Episode 38: ...To Space

The New Nautilus and Gargoyle, now on Red Noah, face off in a spectacular duel of explosions and lasers. While fighting, both crafts head into outer space. Nemo and the group are finally able to confront Gargoyle, who now has Nadia under his control.

Episode 39: Inheritor of the Stars

All the pieces fall into place for the final stage of Jean and Nadia's journey around the world, Nemo and Gargoyle's long-standing feud, and the secret behind Nadia's Blue Water pendant.

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