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Myself; Yourself

Sana Hidaka had to say farewell to his best friends when his parents moved away from town. He moves back to Sakuranomori to finish high school while living alone in an apartment owned by his parents. Will old friends remember who he is after all these years? Much is to be learned from the years that have passed and shocking secrets are about to be revealed. What once was can never be exactly as it was, but the past becomes the future as the flames of friendship rekindle in Myself; Yourself.

Drama Romance

Episodes (13)

Episode 1: The Place of Memories

Sana returns home after being away for five years. He takes a walk through town to see what has changed since he was last there only to discover that things are pretty much the same. He does notice however that Aoi has grown and not just in height.

Episode 2: Precious Melody

It is Sana's first day of school and to his surprise he is nominated as the class monitor. As he explores the school looking for a lost box, he happens across a piano and immediately remembers the song that was a gift to him many years ago.

Episode 3: Cookies & Pebbles

When Sana was away, a rift formed between him and Nanaka. To mend the rift, the group plans a day trip to the river to reminisce. Nanaka becomes jealous when Asami is invited by Sana but soon sees they all are still friends when gifts are exchanged.

Episode 4: I'm Not A Child

On his way home, Shu rescues a school girl from a bully. Hinako tracks Shu down and comes to see him every day. Unknown to Shu, Hinako who is only 10 years old wants to profess her love for him but does not know how and seeks out his friends advice.

Episode 5: Non-blooming Sakura Blossoms

Nanaka feels indebted to her uncle so she eagerly practices the dance of the Sakura blossoms for the festival at Yatsushiro Shrine to make him happy. After her performance, Nanaka gets to have some alone time with Sana to rebuild their friendship.

Episode 6: Adulthood

Hinako's mother forgets her birthday and leaves on a business trip. Angered, Hinako runs away and stays with Sana while she vents her frustration.

Episode 7: Teacher's Caramel

Shuri is reprimanded by the Principle for trying to get signatures for a petition to preserve the nature park. As a way to cheer her up, Shuri's home room teacher treats her to a day of feasting.

Episode 8: The Secret Mailbox

Desperate to know why Nanaka has been acting so grumpy and not asking for his advice, Sana racks his memories for an idea on how to spark the communication they once had. He remembers that the post box they used to communicate from may help her talk.

Episode 9: Good Luck! Animenger!

Nanaka realizes that she was wrong in the way she acted and wants to say sorry to Sana. The problem is admitting she was wrong in front of the whole group. Aoi offers up tickets to the amusement park and Nanaka can now get close to Sana.

Episode 10: For the Sakura…

In memory of their mother, Shuri and Shusuke exchange gifts while they visit their mother's grave site on the anniversary of her death.

Episode 11: Confession

Sana becomes the confidant of Asami as she recovers in a hospital from an injury.

Episode 12: Memories in Red

To help Aoi and Nanaka get over a loss, Sana offers to take the two to Kozuchi river. Aoi declines to go when she knows Sana and Nanaka need this time alone to spend quality time together.

Episode 13: Bonds

Nanaka reveals what happened to her parents and how they died. Filled with emotion, Nanaka locks herself away in her house for days. Sana uses this time to visit her and get longer moments alone with her.

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